Oct 15, 2012

101612 Tuesday

My Gym Is Different...

15 min AMRAP:
15 Boxjumps
15 Pushups


Ed said...

Subbed ABMAT situps for the pushups.

14 rounds + 15 Box Jumps + 1 ABMAT SU

Good group this morning. Thanks Rob and Rich M for the push. Welcome back for your visit sir.

A910 class today 0830-0915, I'll be instructing 'behind' the new pullup rack. Please don't erase the backs of the whiteboards!

Ross said...


Box Jumps were killing me this morning, of course I did use a 28 in box, because that is all I had avail today. But still frustrating..

9 rds + 15 BJs (28in Box)

Justin Mcgovern said...

8 rounds + 13 box jumps Great workout today!!!

Noah said...

9 rounds plus 8 box jumps. As always, pushups had my number.

Andy M. said...

13 rds with Scott.

Glad I had a partner to keep me motivated from start to finish this AM.

Andy M. said...
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Wade said...

IMCF Los Angeles

12 rounds + 8 Box Jumps, did CF hand release pushups

I've been following another CF affiliate's WOD blog over the last 2 months with a couple of AF guys (Josh and Erik), but just switched to IMCF. Good to be back! Nice seeing some familiar names.

Jason McKenzie said...

11 rounds w/24" box, no extras. Awesome to have a large group.

Rich V. said...

5 sets and 10 Box Jumps.

Charles Day said...

Did the hero WOD "Glen" in honor Glenn Doherty, Navy SEAL that gave his life in Bengazi.
3 rounds – Run 200m, 10x wall ball, 10x box jumps 10x sit ups

Completed the following for time…

115 pound Clean and jerk, 30 reps
Run 1 mile
Subbed 5 PU, 5 TTB, 5 Squats x 3 rounds for rope climb
Run 1 mile
100 Burpees
38:16 min. Thanks for hitting it with me today Greg.

Greg E said...

Hero WOD today named Glen.

Warmup RFT in 10 minutes
200 m row
10 WB
10 BJ
10 SU

WOD. For time: 40:39
30 clean and jerk @ 135
1 mile
3 RFT - 5 PU, 5 T2B, 5 squats
1 mile
100 burpess

Thanks Charlie for picking this one... Tomorrow will now be a rest day!

Erik said...


Did this workout on 10.19.12 (In lieu of Friday's team WOD)

10 rounds (hand release push ups)

Russ Ames said...

12 RSS + 12 pushups