Oct 10, 2012

101112 Thursday

For Time, 21-15-9 of:
Box Jumps 24/20
Push Press 95/55

CrossFit Games 2012


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

TRX rows
5x10 (~1 min rest b/w sets)

9:18 as Rx'd
Sluggish off the blocks this AM, but was consistent.

Followed up with mobility work

Ed said...

Good WOD this morning. I subbed 185 lb DL for the PP. That may not have been a great idea as my grip strength faltered on the TTB and DL after the first round.

8:58 with the DL for PP sub.

Welcome to Pedro, knocking out his first WOD this morning.

rob said...
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rob said...

I thought I'd finish faster than I did. My sub exercises took longer than I thought as I had more breaks than I thought I'd need.

box jump, 24
KB C&J, 53lbs R-arm only
barbell get-ups

Welcome Pedro, congrats on showing courage to just show up and find a group after reading a flyer! Keep coming back, it will be worth your effort.

Meghan Smith said...

10:31 Rx. My box jumps were by far the worst today. Felt like I was jumping with ankle weights so they were very slow.

Andy M. said...

6:15 Rx'd. It hurt, as all things 21-15-9 seem to do. Good WOD.

Finished with some work on situp/ring dips/skin the cat.

Noah said...

8:13 Rx'd. Jared and I had our boss join us for the first time and I think he has been bit by the CF bug.

Rob, with all these right arm movements you're doing I'm afraid you're going to come down with fiddler crab syndrome where one arm is massive and the other one is puny.

And Ross, if you do this WOD at 95#...I'm just sayin'.

Jared said...

9:11 this morning. Could not link my TTB together this morning. Grip completely smoked.

Ross said...


Noah, I should have known you would call me out on this. I failed, yes I did do this at 95 lbs. Shoulders smoked from yesterday. Was not able to get any rhythm on the TTB they were a mess and I was all over the place, the PP felt good - and yes Noah I did the PP unbroken. Glad to here you are getting some more of the M2 team in the gym.

Time 8:05

rob said...
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rob said...
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rob said...

Noah - I'm concerned that you are correct about my imbalance. I saw my surgeon yesterday and I received good news and bad news:

Good news - I can start to lift things over my head.

Bad news - 'Things' being defined as putting away a dish in the cupboard, a towel on a towel rack, etc. I was thinking a 135lb load to do a bear complex.

I'm thinking somewhere in-between those two is maybe the right answer! It's going to take me a year to recover from the surgery and another year to get things back in balance!

Seriously, I'm still able to do some good work with a lot of subs. I'm definitely creative and paying attention to proper form becasue I can't afford to strain/hurt some other joint becasue I'm compensating. I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but I'm learning a lot and making the best of it.

Did you boss get a better time than you? puke? want to do more tomorrow? lower your rating on your OER?

Rich V. said...

ntlimpo4Did the 21-15-9 box jump and PP TTB could not complete more like knee to chest. Rob I can set up the beep test will take a 2 week heads up to lay on gym... let me know.

Robert Parmenter said...

As Rx'd 10:41.
I spent more than half the time on the TTB. Kept losing grip and could not link more than 3 or 4 together.

For Friday: Steve and I scouted out the North side of the Harney Gym, there is a 200M long patch of grass that may be safer for broad jump burpies and sprints than the other locations you were considering.
Just a thought, if you exit the bubble, it is on your 1 o'clock at about 25-30 meters, and goes up the hill towards the Air Conditioning/heater for Harney. Just an idea, but it keeps us off the road, and minimizes risk of collision with cars & bikes.

Charles Day said...

8:46 as Rx'd. Felt every bit of the 5 days off for fall break... Greg E. I know you're checking up on me on the blog...hope you're knocking back a few cold ones in Colorado!