Oct 9, 2012

101012 Wednesday

AMRAP 20 min:
 15 Wallballs 20/14
10 Pushups
5 Pullups

CrossFit Games 2012


rob said...
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rob said...

Luster and Brandi have planned a great Team WOD for us on Friday. It is best to do it at the USD 207 on track, but there still might be APFT ops there.

Does anyone know if:

1) We can co-use. Do they kick off everyone else besides APFT students?

2) A POC for the APFT? Not necessarily a specific purpose; rather the agency that admiisters it. Is it USSD? STB?

We can run it on the road outside the bubble, but it will go better at a track. There is also a track at Patton Junior High that we could use.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

12-10-8-8-6 @ 115/135/165/165/165
Not intended to be a max effort, but focus on form and technique.

10rds + 15 WB
Used 18lb med ball. Push ups were CFSPU.

Andy M. said...

WOD: 11 rds even. Rx w/ CFSPU.

Killer combo with the wall balls and pushups, shoulders/tris were spent. Thanks to Todd for the push...and for hooking me up with a waterlogged, 30lb MB with the balance of a weeble-wobble;)

Mike Anderson said...

I did a significantly scaled 'Cindy' with pushups against a box and ring rows. 20 rds + 1 ring row.

Rob-STB is running the APFT.

Jon Ramirez said...

10 rds... I think I'm still feeling the Tough Mudder from Saturday. Butt kicker this morning.

rob said...

Modified WOD:
20min AMRAP
15 x wall ball, 10lbs
20 x double under
5 x V-sit ups
15rounds, needed 5x sit ups for 16 rds

We're still looking for a good alternate location for Friday's WOD. We need a 400m stretch that is lightly trafficked. STB hasn't returned phone calls - thanks Mike.

Noah said...

9 rds plus 11 WBs. Chased Jared the entire time but could not catch him. Pushups really had my number today...standard.

Andy, nice job on 11 Rds.

Jared said...

Almost 10 full rounds minus the pull ups. Wanted to quit but had Noah pushing me through the whole way. No shoulders left.

Mike Anderson said...

Rob - there is a 400m track behind Patton Jr High, but I'm not sure if the gates are open on the parking lot that early. Also, no lights.
If we occupied the soccer field by our house we could run around the soccer goals or each corner of the field - not quite 400m but it might work.

Ross said...


11 rds+15WB and 5 push ups.. Did most of the push ups as CFSPU, but did have a lack of oxygen to brain on two rds and started regular push ups doing about 5 or so before realizing I messed up and finished off the rd as CFSPU.