Oct 8, 2012

100912 Tuesday

Cleans 135/95, 5-5-5-5-5

Muscle Up Progressions: 5-5-5-5-5

Focus: Dynamic Plane, False Grip, Dynamic Pull from Knees (See Video)



Robert Parmenter said...

we were not sure if this was supposed to be for time, max weight, form or what.
2 x 5 x 135#
1 x 5 x 155#
1 x 5 X 175#
1 x 5 x 185# for the cleans
then we did PU/SU workouts in preperation for next week's SAMS APFT.
2K row in 7:45 after everything else.
we are going to run sprints tomorrow, and hopefull get a WOD in too.

Justin Mcgovern said...

Started working on some M/Us today from what I watched in the video last night Got some great tips that will help me get them in the future.

Then did the workout from yesterday in 14:45

Andy M. said...

DL Sub for Cleans:
5 x 225/275/295/315/335(F-2 reps)

MUs 5/5/5/4/4

Finished with 8 x 200m repeats. Alternated short (:15) and long (1:15) rest intervals, most between 40-42s.

Ross said...


Missed yesterday's WOD, but spent all day Sunday and Monday digging in and setting 27 Fence posts so my body feels like I was thrown through a paper shredder..

Today very sore worked on some skill items, box jumps 30 in box, from a seated position straight into the jump and then from a kneeling position to feet directly into jump.

Worked some handstands
then did Cleans 5x5@135 Squat cleans from the floor, then 5x5@135 power cleans from the floor - kept rest between sets to 60 sec;
then then chest to bar pull ups strict 5x5 and dips 5x10 working on full depth, forgot my rings for the MU progressions. Finished off with 3x10 of OHS at 95.

Noah said...

Worked the cleans from the floor with full squat. Worked MUs afterwards. It will be nice to have high bars again.

rob said...

PC and MU are still months away for me.

400m Run
28 x KBS R-arm only, 35lbs
28 x box jumps, 24"
28 x KBS C&J R-arm only, 35lbs
28 x box jumps, 24"
400m run


Very quiet in the bubble for the early crowd. It started to pick up around 0630; maybe APFT or maybe some still enjoying the weekend.

Ted Hanger said...

Cleans went really well, but the muscle ups are a different story. Worked the progression the best I could. I went heavy on DL Monday, so I was a little fatigued from that. I'd like to thank Fuego for the tips on muscle ups.