Oct 3, 2012

100412 Thursday

Come join IMCF for a TEAM WOD on Friday.  Start times are 0545, 0625, and 1600.  Be warmed up by those times and ready for a short brief.  This is a good WOD to bring someone who is unfamiliar or new to CrossFit. 

200m Run w/ MB 20/14
10 Pullups


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Tabata CTD push-ups (8 min)
Final "score" was 6!

9:54 for WOD
Modified with 50lb sandbag ILO med ball.

Ed said...

9:13 as Rx.

Transition time btw run and pullups meant quite a bit here, even a 10s difference per round adds up quickly.

Mike Anderson said...

Modified WOD - subbed one-arm SDHP for pull ups and had to scale the med ball weight after three rounds.

Greg M said...

7:51 Hello everyone......took a break from CFFH programming. Did this at my house, Ed you are right about the transition time, it is a lot faster in my garage then the transition would be in the Bubble.

Hope all is well, miss everyone. Hey Mike want to wager any Burpees for the game this weekend?

Go Cats!!

Justin Mcgovern said...

12:11. The last run just about killed me.

rob said...

We had about 8 doing this one together this morning. An ILE instructor and two students joined us for the first time.

I sub'd 10 x KBS 53lbs for pull ups.

Try to make one of the TEAM WOD times tomorrow. Luster will set up the first one, Steve B. the second, and Brandi tha last one in the afternoon. The WOD is perfect for a new-comer because it's running, pull ups, push ups, sit ups, and air squats. Bring someone from your small group.

Robert Parmenter said...

12:25 as RX'd.
managed to get all the pull ups in 2 sets of 5.
neck is still tight from running with the ball on my shoulder.
then steve and I did tabata Push ups and Situps alternating - managed to get a min of 10 for each of them.
4 x 500m row sprints at a 1:55/500m or better pace, and 5 x 10 135# bench press to balance out the pull ups.
pretty smoked, but looking forward to the group annie tomorrow.

Greg E said...

We mixed up a bit this morning to take it easy on the shoulders since I plugged PU in earlier in the week and T2Bs yesterday.

200 meter run w/ 20# MB
10 GHD sit-ups
10 KB swings @ 44 #s

Charles Day said...

12:08 for the WOD, Greg E. and I subbed 10 GHD SU and 10 KB swing (#44) for the PU (lats were pretty smoked after PU. Earlier in the week).

Looking forward to the team WOD tomorrow...
Right on Greg M. EMAW!!

Jake78 said...

9:58 on the WOD, as Ed put out, the work was fast, the transitions were the difference. Mine were slow!!!


Andy M. said...

9:00 flat on the WOD.

If Ed hadn't given me a target to shoot for, I probably would have let up on the gas pedal. Thanks for the motivation.

Finished with some light bench, inverted row and SU work.

Ross said...


this morning a good PT session with the cadets that included pullups, TTB, and rope climbs.
stretch / rest for 30 min then WOD - 9:25

Mike Anderson said...

Greg M. -
I can't do burpees yet, but I'm game for a little wager.
Something I can do - 100 box jumps for time.
I don't think it matters - I smell an upset coming.

Greg M said...

Sounds good. Must be on video wearing the opposing teams colors.

Joe said...

12:34, scaled to 14 lbs and green band pull ups. Finished working double unders.

Jared said...

12:47. Amazed at how much my shoulders are smoked after this week. Had to keep rotating the ball from one side to the other.