Oct 2, 2012

100312 Wednesday

15min AMRAP
400m Run
15 TTB
20 Thrusters 65/35


Noah said...

Funny to hear people blog about shoulder problems because I have been ignoring a nagging shoulder injury from June...a stupid softball game of all things! This week with TDY in Suffolk decided to not do any shoulder movements to give it a chance to heal maybe. Ran 1600m then did sprint intervals for another 1200m.

Jared said...

If you want to combine this WOD with a progression toward a standing back flip, think about modifying the TTB to a knees through elbows. Hands a little wider, bring knees up between elbows. This starts to simulate the rotation needed to back flip. Enjoy.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Decline Bench Press
10x10 @ 135 (~1min rest b/w sets)

2 rds & 15 thrusters

Completed three complete rounds in ~15:05. Sporting a mild URI today which definitely impacted aerobic capacity. I had no gas today.

Justin Mcgovern said...

Great WOD today. I was totatlly smoked.

Finished 3 rounds but I had to do K2E.

Robert Parmenter said...

Did Seminar PT, Basketball, 3 on 3 first. 35-42 year old men reliving high school dreams poorly, but we ran a lot.
Then finished 2 rounds and 1 row of 500 meters. (rowed instead of run after the BBall)
TTB are harder than they look, I could only link 3-4 together, kept losing grip.

Andy M. said...

Leery of popping in and out of the front rack position, so subbed 1.5 KBS for thrusters.

3 rds +3 KBS.

You know it's a smoker when you look forward to the runs. Still, KBS are no substitute for the full-body suck that thrusters provide.

monroe said...

The other day I went golfing at a local course. The guy asked if any of us were "Seniors." I laughed and said "yeah, right." Turns out, I'm a Senior. Got a $10 discount. Don't look for me at the early bird at Golden Corral just yet. I have spent a good deal of time on mobility and nutrition due to my human Hobbs meter, though. In the course of my research I came across this article http://www.t-nation.com/readArticle.do?id=1618485 which may help some of you figure out why your shoulder or joint of choice hurts. Hint: it's probably something up or down stream. SHoulders hurt? How much time do you spend on your T-spine?

Ross said...


This one was harder than it seemed just reading it.

Managed to get through 3 rds and about 250 meters into the 4th run when time expired. Good WOD.

EA said...

4 RDS (-) a 400m 15:00. not bad for being gone. Thanks Rob for the push to get back at it.

rob said...

I maintained some of the integrityof this WOD:
400m run
15 x box jumps 24"
20 x thrusters, R-arm only KB thruster, 35lbs

Jared - how did the back flips go? I can envision what you are saying, I'm just not sure it's as easy for me as it sounds.

Shoulder - Through my physical therapy, I'm learning good things about shoulder mobility. My injury was due to a combination of decades of hard use and a single event. Still, what I’m doing/learning is makes me consider what I’m doing inside the gym as well. In the past I've tried to pay attention to proper form and positioning, but I've not had coaching/feedback as I go through movemets. As I recover I am more aware of at leat two things, 1) proper movement and 2) the need for feedback from another set of eyes. It's hard to get the feedback during the WOD when everyone is doing it, but I can feedback during warm up and days where technique is the focus.

Jake78 said...

Some overhead safety awareness/tips right out of the CrossFit Journal


Only got 2 rounds on the WOD this morning. I'm slow on thrusters and toes to bar, but it was great practice!


Jared said...

Had 5 thrusters left to finish the 3rd round. Took my time on the KTE (knees through elbows). Trying to work the rotation over the top. Knees tight to chest, ankles tucked, and rotate until most of legs through the arms. Still not comfortable doing a back flip without a spot.

monroe said...

Working toward the KS Open Weightlifting Meet, I did:
Warm up jump rope, single leg dead lift (no weight) 100' of hand walking, light rowing.
Worked up to 75% on Clean & Jerk, then clean pulls and front squats. Finished with some pullups and TTB practice. Held each pullup at the top for 5 secs. I've found that pulls and squats are really helping me progress. I'm also finding I recover and perform better with a day on / day off regimen.

In case you noticed the boxes in the bubble, that's the new I-24 Infinity rig from Rogue. We ordered it with 12' stanchions at the ends so we can get back to doing MU's. SHould be up soon, we just have to decide where to place it.

Greg E said...

Good WOD. RX - 3 RNDs plus 275 meters

Charles Day said...

Completed 3 rounds
Was surprised how much the shoulders and core were feeling yesterday's WOD...this was a smoker!