Oct 1, 2012

100212 Tuesday

(Tuesday WOD posted below)

Myths about the Level 1 Course Scholarships:
1.  You have to be an experienced CrossFit athlete to attend the course.
2.  The amount of time required to help IMCF is not compatible with my schedule.
3.  I graduate in December and therefore I am not eligible.
You do not have to be an experienced Crossfit athlete to attend or apply for the course.  We are looking for people who are committed to taking what they learn back to the organization from which they came.  The scholarship program is about being a fitness leader when you return to your organization and helping IMCF grow while you are here.  Which speaks to the second myth about the amount of time required to ‘give back’.  It is really minimal.  You can get heavily involved or help with a few events, but it’s not a lot.  The reason you are at Ft. Leavenworth is to focus on education towards your military career,  and if an IMCF event conflicts with your education, then your education wins every time!  Ask an IMCF coach how much time she/he actually puts in to events; it’s minimal!  And if you are leaving in December you can still compete for a scholarship.  You may not be able to give back to IMCF, but the hope is that you will take your new knowledge credentials and be a leader of change for fitness in your new organization.  Send questions to ironmajorcrossfit@gmail.com or post them to the blog.

5 Handstand Pushups
20 SDHP 75/53


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Scaled HSPU w/ blue-green band combo.
SDHPs were a lot of "fun" (even at 75#) after 10x10 deadlifts yesterday.

Ed said...

Subbed a 20-sec handstand hold on the parallettes for the HSPU, SDHP as Rx.


Justin Mcgovern said...

Subbed 15 sec handstand hold. SDHP Rx'd 11:11

Jared said...

8:23 as RXd. A few more at the 0745 WOD. Good to have some others around.

Ross said...
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Ross said...

MCF SD Detachment

Been a while since I did HSPU, could not get full depth in warm ups so I scaled with the blue / green combo on the bands.

7:51 for time.

rob said...

Sub WOD:
5 x C & J w/KB 53lbs R-arm only
20 x SDHP 65lbs R-army only

For the SDHP I used a bar with 10lb plates. It was tedious and took too long. I had used a KB for SDHP at FGB, so I thought I'd try something different. I'm better off using the KB. I'm not satisfied with the way the WOD turned out today. There was too much unintended 'recovery' time between reps of SDHP.

Andy M. said...

DL - 3RM to 315 then...

7:35 Rx on the WOD. HSPUs were steady with good ROM. SDHP broke me down a bit.

Mike Anderson said...

I did a different WOD as I rehab my shoulder:
3 RFT:
10 x box jumps
10 x back extensions
20 x lunge (10 each leg)

Jake78 said...

Shoulder injuries are seeming kind of common around here, myself included!! I know this is a combination of our age, lots of push-ups, old injuries etc. But I wonder how much of this is due to just plain old bad form in the overhead pushing/pressing exercises, and that bad form is making the old injuries, or on the brink injuries come to light.

I know this was definitely my problem in the high repetition low weight presses, snatches, and what not. I only figured it out after going to the level 1 cert back in April.

The solution that had kept me safe since then, and that I've been passing on as much as I can is simply active shoulders at the tops of these repetitions. Full range of motion and active shoulders to where the press never ends. I've been good ever since I started emphasizing that, and though it initially slowed me down, I'm now much faster.

Something to consider.

8:03 on the WOD (I subbed high elevated push-ups for the HSPU due to shoulder issues - know your limits!)


Greg E said...

Good WOD... SDHP broke me off.
7:49 RX
10 minute break then
6 RFT in 6:41
5 PUs
15 SDHPs

Charles Day said...

8:31 with HSPU broken the 3rd round and subbed inclined Push Ups 4th and 5th
10 minute break then Greg E. went crazy and prescribed a second set
6 RFT in 6:30
5 PUs
10 SDHPs

Greg E said...

Correct that last on portion from 15 to 10 SDHPs