Sep 30, 2012

100112 Monday

(Monday WOD posted below)
Myths about the Level 1 Course Scholarships:
1.  You have to be an experienced CrossFit athlete to attend the course.
2.  The amount of time required to help IMCF is not compatible with my schedule.
3.  I graduate in December and therefore I am not eligible.
You do not have to be an experienced Crossfit athlete to attend or apply for the course.  We are looking for people who are committed to taking what they learn back to the organization from which they came.  The scholarship program is about being a fitness leader when you return to your organization and helping IMCF grow while you are here.  Which speaks to the second myth about the amount of time required to ‘give back’.  It is really minimal.  You can get heavily involved or help with a few events, but it’s not a lot.  The reason you are at Ft. Leavenworth is to focus on education towards your military career,  and if an IMCF event conflicts with your education, then your education wins every time!  Ask an IMCF coach how much time she/he actually puts in to events; it’s minimal!  And if you are leaving in December you can still compete for a scholarship.  You may not be able to give back to IMCF, but the hope is that you will take your new knowledge credentials and be a leader of change for fitness in your new organization.  Send questions to or post them to the blog.

Skill Day
"Double Unders &
Overhead Squat"

150 DUs for Time

OHS 65/35, 3 sets of10:
Active Shoulders and Depth


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

150x DUs - 2:30
Made 80 DUs unbroken, but struggled a bit after that.

10x10 @ 205 (~1min rest b/w sets)

Decided not to do the OHS since I did 10x10 on Saturday.

Ed said...

2:18 for the DU, so only about 1:59 behind Rich Martin if he was doing them today.

OHS weren't terrible. The light weight meant errors in form weren't catastrophic, but felt good to work OHS for the first time in a while.

Justin Mcgovern said...

Did the DU in 3:22.

Did the O/H Squat with 65/75/95.

Then worked on some pullups.

Jake78 said...

Got out one of those speedy ropes, which made the DUs much easier to string together. Took a few trys to get used to, especially when I started getting tired!


Did 45, 75, 95, 95 for OHS


Andy M. said...

DUs - 2:55. Annoyed I couldn't get some long runs in there, but was pretty consistent getting 20-25.

OHS - 95/95/95.

Finished with a mini METCON of 5 rds of 1:00 row/abmats/rest. Averaged 285m/23.

Robert Parmenter said...

I do not have DU's yet, so I mixed it up. 50 DUs in 4:03 and then 3 x 100 singles in 2:30 for a total of 7:33.
not quite there on the DUs but I am still working on linking them. I can get every other one most of the time.
75# x 10 OHS
85# x 10 OHS
95# x 9 OHS (lost it forward)
found myself leaning to far forward on the last set and lost it on the 9th one.
Good to see big MIKE back in action after getting cut up.

rob said...

Another sub for me:
7min AMRAP
10 x lunges
10 x hollow rocks

11.9 rounds, I needed 5 more hollow rocks

Ross said...

IMCF SD Detachment

2:03 on the DUs for me. Then did the OHS, 3 rds of 10 @95, each round on the minute for 3 mins, did not plan it that way, just did the first set, felt really good, so decided to go again at the top of the minute and then challenged myself to do it a third time.

Joe said...

My first WOD since surgery. I decided to break it up into 50 DUs and 10 OHS for three rounds. This was a good first WOD.