Sep 27, 2012

092812 - Friday

10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 reps of:

Push Press (115/75)
Standing broad jump


Robert Parmenter said...

A misleading difficult WOD.
Used 135 for the push press due to a lack of 35# plates, finished in 11:58, more metcon than I thought.
Steve pushed me through, and we did 4 x 200m sprints to finish it off.
he also expained that I have in-fact been doing hip extenions for the past year on the GHD, not back extentions, I know the diffence and will perform each of them correctly now.
Also, today was the first day I did sets of unbroken 10 pullups and 10 dips for the warm up, not bad for a 250 pounder.
This crossfit stuff actually works!

rob said...

I made a couple of adjustments to the WOD.
10, 9, 8,...3, 2, 1
R-arm KB clean & jerk (53)
broad jump half length of the bubble

Congratulations Rob P. on the pullups.

Ross said...

IMCF SD Detachment

Probably should have moved up in weight for the WOD this morning. Stayed at 115#, RXd at 6:43.

Noah said...

Ross, I know your capacity in shoulder to overhead and yes you should have done 215!

Ross said...

Yeah, I was feeling beat up from trying to hang with these young college kids all week in PT and the Rope Climbs and Pullups this morning so I slacked off on the WOD, I will beat myself about the head and shoulders later..

Greg E said...

Late work out with a couple modifications:
10, 9, 8,... 3, 2, 1
PP and box jump

1st try: 05:09 @ 115
10 minute rest
2nd try: 05:44 @ 135

Justin Mcgovern said...

Great WOD. As usual looked pretty easy on the board. But tough in execution. Completed in 11:02 RX'd.

Andy M. said...

6 x 400m row - 1:22/1:22/1:25/1:25/1:26/1:28

Modified the WOD...staying a break from OH movements for a bit. GHD SU & Broad Jump, 8:20 or so.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Did this one on Saturday (today)

10x10 OHS @ 65lbs (~1min rest b/w sets)

9:57ish for WOD
Subbed box jumps ILO broad jumps which aren't really feasible in my unit's "prison" gym.
"ish" for some reason my stop watch kept running after I hit the stop button. Pretty sure the WOD did not take over an hour! It was under 10 mins