Sep 25, 2012

092612 - Wednesday

3 RFT:

Run 400m
10 burpee pull ups
20 hip extensions


Noah said...

If you are ran out from today feel free to sub a 400M row.

rob said...

How very generous of you Noah, thanks for more torture! But seriously, constantly varied doesn't have to mean different everyday. Consider the situation where you do Fran on Tuesday, and then do Fran on Wednesday! Besides really sucking, I would call that constantly varied, unless it was a habitual thing. If you looked at the programming over time, when would you ever again see Fran followed by Fran? You wouldn't, or at least you shouldn't. So if I'm looking at programming by weeks and months and not just by days, a Fran-Fran is a unique event and can be considered constantly varied. I'm not suggesting that IMCF program Fran-Fran so don't get any ideas Noah or Luster/Brandi. I'm just taking a break from homework and thought I'd ramble. And Noah, I'm going to run tomorrow anyway!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

14:21 as Rx'd - kinda

We don't have a GHD, so used that 45-degree contraption. Probably did more than 10x reps of burpee pull-ups per round as well. Oh well, all in a days fun.

Robert Parmenter said...

had to do seminar PT so I snuck in Push ups and sit ups while we were playing volley ball.
after did 3 Pull ups and 10 back extentions after group PT.
I need a quick refresher on the correct form of the Hip extension, the 3 guys I asked were not sure.
looking forward to a heavy group WOD on friday.

Robert Parmenter said...

modify the above comment, did 3 pull ups and 10 back extensions on the minute every minute for 10 minutes after the group PT.

Jake78 said...


Good little smoker after those sprints yesterday


Jason McKenzie said...

Good cardio working up to next week's APFT.


Noah said...

11:53 Rx'd with the run.

And Rob re: hip extensions...a hip extension is where your hip joint is doing all the movement and your torso is static i.e. you are keeping a tight lumbar curve thru the whole movement and your hip should be just forward of (off) the pad. Similar to bowing only you are rotated 90 degrees. A back extension conversely is where your back is moving but your hip is static. So your hip is further back on the pad (trapped) and you surrender your spine one vertebrae at a time by tucking your chin, rolling your neck, your shoulders, your thoracic spine and your lumbar spine so you end up at the bottom more rolled under than pivoted down like in a hip extension. Not sure if that helps or not. An easy thing to demo a difficult thing to type out.

Jared said...

Stepped out of the car just as Noah was leaving on the first round, so why not just jump in. 13:17 without any warmup. The Noah and I worked on standing back flips. Almost there. Join as at 0730 for all the frivolity, at a more reasonable start time.

rob said...

Another modified WOD today
400m run
10 x get-ups w/45lb plate and 24" box
20 hip extensions

The transition from doing a step-up down into the get-up was tedious. It didn't go as well as I had hoped becasue it was a tedious transition.

Rob - I found a great video last night on hip extensions but can't find it now. The video below is ok but lacks the narrative.

I frequently do a google search with the word CrossFit for any exercise I don't understand or want a refresher for. It works great.

Ross said...

IMCF SD Detachment

Just realized I forgot to post yesterday.

WOD for Tuesday:
Made all my 200m runs in 36-38 sec
all my 100 m runs in 16-17 sec, not the fastest man alive but pretty consistent.

This morning with the cadets did intervals
Run 1 mile
jog 800
run 800
jog 800
run 400
jog 400
run 400
job 400

Then today's WOD decided to do the 400m rowing option. And did the hip extensions on the 45 degree rack since there is no GHD.
400m Row
10 Burpee Pull-ups
20 Hip Extensions
11:43 for my time.

What sucks more than a burpee? That is right a burpee pull-up..

Noah and Jared - Standing backflips - someone has been stalking the journal site. good on you... I wold love to try to learn them, not a lot of people here stepping up to spot a 230lb man trying to "learn" back flips for the first time in his life..

Andy M. said...

WOD - 10:39. Lower back and hammies were screaming by the end.

Kyle Kelly said...

Just wondering if anyone works out @ around 1600? I am looking for some others to work out with still. Shoot me an email @ if so. Thanks...

Ted Hanger said...

12:43 as Rx. Did standard warmup then worked up to 175# OHS priort to WOD. Still a little tired from some of the strength work I'm inserting prior to the WODs.

Kyle, I normally workout around 1600. I'll send you an email and try to link up.