Sep 20, 2012

092112 - Friday

If you are doing Fight Gone Bad on Saturday (which starts at 0900), use this as a rest and mobility day.

If you are not doing FGB on Saturday, then ask yourself "Why am I not doing FGB on Saturday?" If you have a good reason, do FGB on Friday.


Three rounds of the following five movements, each movement is performed for 60 secs then you immediately move to the next movement:
Wall ball (20# to 10ft)
Sumo deadlift high pull (75 lbs)
Box jump (20")
Push Press (75 lbs)
Row for calories (set 140 drag)
Rest for one minute at the end of round 1 and 2. Collapse in joyous agony at the end of round 3.

Post total number of reps to comments. Each calorie on the rower is a rep.


Jake78 said...

Yesterday Back Squat
295 / 305 / 310 / 315 / 320 failed / 320 failed

Used up all my Hulk Smash on the 315!!

Today did Fight Gone Bad
Wall Ball 61
Box Jump 61
Push Press 37
Row 350m (couldn't figure out the calorie count)


Ross said...

Good luck to everyone as you conduct FGB this weekend.

Had a pretty fun sports day today with the cadets. Then just did a skill and flexibility day in the gym (had to try out the new bands with flexibility work).

Worked squat snatches at 95#, 10 sets of 5, followed by 3 sets of 95# OHS. Then did 135# squat cleans 2 sets of 10. Finished off with a set of 10 Muscle Snatches at 135.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Thursday's WOD