Sep 19, 2012

092012 - Thursday

Progress up to a 1 rep max of the back squat.

Then back squat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1.

Here is a video from Again Faster on the back squat.


Meghan Smith said...

Congratulations to Ed and his wife Sarah, and big sister Ella on the arrival of their new baby! Edison Thomas Gavin arrived at 2250. 6 lbs 9.7 oz, 19.5 inches long. All are well.

monroe said...

Wonderful news, congratulations Ed and Sarah!

Ross said...

Congrats Ed and Sarah.

Felt off on the WOD today. Been fighting some leg cramping all week and it really effected my performance today. Should have been working up to around 365, got to 335 and just couldn't get my depth, so I backed off and performed workout at 315 for all reps.

Noah said...

Worked 225 to 245 and then back down to 225. Not lifting small cars like Ross!

Ed, congratulations. Glad to hear mom and baby are doing well.

Andy M. said...

I hear Edison is already using his binky for kettlebell swings. Congrats, Gavins!

BS - progressed to 305, then failed 2x at 315. Mental obstacle.

100 DUs for time - 2:04. Not exactly awe-inspiring, but a PR for me. Finished with HS holds.

Ed said...

Thanks for all the kind notes - we're doing well and hoping to be released in time for FGB tomorrow!