Sep 16, 2012

091712 - Monday

10 tire flips of the size tire appropriate for you.

Rest, then:
Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:
3 touch n go power cleans
10 air squats

Were you born for this? Rob Orlando thinks you were. See video.

What weight to clean? This will vary widely by athlete. A rule of thumb is ~70% of your 3 rep max for power clean. If you have no idea what this may be for you, use your warmup to determine a weight you can do mechanically correct for 3 reps.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

10x "Hole-in-One" with HMMT tire and 120lb Atlas stone

Completed WOD with 100lb sandbag. Because I cannot flip the bag with that weight, "touch and go" became "drop and go".

Justin Mcgovern said...

Did the slight mod that most other people were doing.
3 power clean 115#
10 squat
10 ab mat
Made it to 19 min before I couldn't finish the round in the min.

Then I did 5x5 front squat with 115#


Jason McKenzie said...

Rob convinced me to do a little more than Rx'd. It was worth it.

20 sets of

3 PC (135)
10 squats
10 ab mat sit ups

Noah said...

Started cleans at 125 then made a rapid plate change to 135 and then again to 145.

Worked on snatch hi pulls and handstands as well.

Noah said...

Fight Gone Bad is this Saturday from 0900-1100. Click on the link on the right side of the IMCF page for more info. Promises to be a good time!

rob said...

Good WOD this morning. I made a slight modification as I can't PC yet and knew KB cleans wouldn't be enough.

Every minute on the minute:
KB clean 72lbs R-arm only
10 x air squat
10 x ABmat sit ups

The goal was to get at least 10 rounds. Then, I wanted to get at most 20 rounds without busting a minute. I got 20 rounds; on round 20 I was about 5 to 7 seconds from the minute mark.

I echo Noah's comment on FGB this Saturday. Consider taking Friday as a rest day and working hard on Saturday morning. We'll have graders and score cards available. You can bring your family to watch and invite those around you who are interested or new to CF. We can modify the exercises for them to be successful. Let them see what we do and be part of the community feeling.

Jake78 said...

At 135lbs made it every round of the ten minutes with about 30 seconds to spare.


Ross said...

IMCF SD Detachment

I chose to concentrate on full squat cleans today since I need the work on them.

Performed WOD at 135lbs w/full squat cleans, probably could have gone higher on weight, but wasn't sure how my form would hold up.. Ended up getting through each set with at least 30 Seconds to spare. Best round was 19 Sec, worst was 30 sec.

Rich V. said...

did CF warn up
100 abs
swam 26 lengths 20 min

Andy M. said...

Warmed up with front squats
5x135/5x165/4x175/4 sets of 4x185

WOD at 135. Fun stuff.