Sep 12, 2012

091312 - Thursday

Skill: L-Sit. Accumulate 2 minutes.
L-sits can be done in the rings, on parallettes, or on stacked weight plates.

Then, 10 min AMRAP:
20 walking lunges with 45/25# plate overhead
20 Knees to Elbows


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Staff officer "Tri"

Bike 6.5 mile - Ruck 4.5 mile - Run 2.5 mile

1:53 w/ 40lb ruck

First time under load in a few years so took it "easy"

Noah said...

This WOD is supposed to be 4 rounds for time, so that is what I did. 11:50.

Feel free to scale the overhead weight or to scale the KTE to flutter kicks, back extensions or just regular ol' situps if need be.

Ross said...
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Jake78 said...

3 and a half rounds

Went too slow on the first set of Knees to Elbows, drained my strength and slowed me down for the rest.


Andy M. said...

Eased back in after a 2-day hiatus. TDY and a nasty cold have conspired against me. Wasn't up for a METCON so did a quick DL 3-3-3 at 295/315/335.

Then made up Tuesday's push jerks.
5 x 115/135, 3 x 155/175, 1 x 185/205. Big fail at 225.