Sep 10, 2012

091112 - Tuesday

20 pistols per leg.

Push Jerk/Split Jerk

Think you're good at pistols?  Check this guy out!

Today's focus is on getting a heavy weight overhead.  Should be a weight that you cannot press/push press for that number of reps.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Surprisingly knocked out all but 5 reps (left side) without holding onto anything. Did those 5 reps using TRX for balance. Last 10 reps each side had to use hands on floor for balance, but o/wise unassisted.

Split Jerk:

Ed said...

Did the pistols on a box as a scale, didn't have to pull up on anything, but also didn't have my opposing leg out at 90 degrees.

Heavy weights overhead are outside my capacity at the moment, so I went with weights from the ground. 5-5-3-3-1-1 deadlift, worked from 275 to 325.

Ross said...

IMCF South Dakota detachment

Worked pistols having to use a rack for balance..

Split jerk
185-185-195-205-215-225(old PR)-235(PR)
Could have tried higher than 235, but my wrists were starting to ache pretty bad the last two sets so I did not push it..

rob said...

Pistols go well with the left leg. When I switch legs right ankle flexibility causes challenges. However, today was a good day and I was able to get through full ROM on the right side, but it was very slow.

As I can't raise my R-arm over my head still, I did some coaching with a small group. Then I did a WOD.

1, 2, 3...9, 10, 9,...3, 2, 1
1-arm KB OHS (35lbs)
ABMAT sit ups


Jake78 said...

Good to work on jerks today, tried to improve my split jerk (turns out I suck!)

135, 135, 165, 165, 185, 185

Jason McKenzie said...

Great assistance from Rob, thanks. Pistols = 10 each leg then two sets of 5 each

Push Jerk = 95--105-115-125-125-125

Pretty sure I can do more, but just took the time to focus on form.

Noah said...

115-125-135-145-155-165(F)-165. I believe that is a PR for me at 165.

Pistols are coming along. I can tell my right leg is definitely by dominant leg as it is much easier to come out of the bottom of the squat on that one than the left.

monroe said...

I did 10 pistols, 10 TTB, 10 push ups for a warm up, then:
115, 125, 135, 145, 155, 165x2.
After that I backed off to 115 to work on speed and technique. Followed with hand stand practice.

monroe said...

Warm up was for 3 rounds