Sep 6, 2012

090712 - Friday

4 person team WOD for time:
All 4        Run 400M
1/2         Buddy carry the full length of the Bubble (#1 down and #2 back)
3/4         Do double unders
Then switch to 3/4 buddy carry while 1/2 do double unders.
All 4        100 total ring dips (no more than 2 teammates dipping at a time)

All 4        Run 400M
1/2         100 total KBS (53#/35#) (both can swing at the same time)
3/4         100 total wall balls (20# to 10 ft/14# to 8 ft) (both can throw at the same time)
Then switch to 3/4 do 100 KBS while 1/2 do 100 wall balls.

All 4        Run 400M
1/2         50 total Toes to Bar
3/4         50 total box jumps (24”/20”)
If one pair is done before the other then they hold a plank until the other pair is done.
Then switch to 3/4 do 50 TTB while 1/2 do 50 box jumps.

All 4        Run 400M
All 4        100 team thrusters (95#/65#) (no more than 2 teammates thrusting at a time)

You can do the first 3 presidents in any order, but your team must do Carter last.
We’ll build the teams and brief the WOD at 0540 and start at 0550.
Post to comments if you want to gather a team for a start later in the day.
Please bring a jump rope if you have one.
Post your team time to comments.

You can deduct 30 seconds from your time for each of the following:
-If your team performs all movements as RXd with no scaling (as applicable to men and women).
-Coming up with a cool team name and posting it to the blog along with your time.  It has to be cool!
-Having at least one person on your team who has not done an IMCF WOD before.
-Figuring out what these four presidents all have in common.  30 secs off to the first team w/ correct answer.



Robert Parmenter said...

you forgot monroe and madison?

Noah said...

Anybody check out CF Main Site programming for Friday? I knew they wanted to be just like us, this proves it!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Bench Press
12-10-8-8-6 @ 115/135/155/155/165
Still feel limited by the soreness in my shoulders but its improving.

13:03 as Rx'd with DB swing

Ed said...

Team Noah-Rob-Andy-Ed ... 28:33.

Great WOD this morning, good to see some new faces for the team WOD.

Noah said...

What Ed failed to mention is we rate a 30 sec deduction for coming up with the awesome team name of "7 Good Arms". An equally appropriate name could have been "Draggin' Noah's Sorry Butt Around."

Thanks to all who came out this morning.

Jake78 said...

Choose your own adventure with Team Awesome this morning.

We chose the mainsite programming of Helen.

11:51 as Rx'ed


rob said...

Very nice team name Noah - Team "7 Good Arms", creative; Awesome group today. We had 4 4-man teams. We are planning on another Team WOD next Friday, probably a 2-man event. Make a push to invite new-comers to CF; a Team WOD is a great way to get an introduction. Thanks to Noah for this month's programming.

Ross said...

IMCF SD Detachment

Did not get to tackle this today, time constrained with other events. Did have a good cadet Boot-PT Session this morning

Did the standard army Warm up, then some core exercises, followed by PU and SU drills for 15 min alternating partners

then spent last 30 min of session doing
50yds bear crawl
50 yds lunge
25 yds inch worm,
25 yds spider man crawl
25 yds long (frog ) jump
25 yds crab walk
600 m run
3 sets max Pull ups
3 sets max TTB
2 rope rope climbs

had a few minutes to spare before lab so I broke off and did skill work
400 m run
50 DUs
3 sets of 10 OHS @95
50 DUs
1 set of 10 hang squat cleans @95
50 DUs
2 sets of 10 thrusters @95
50 DUs
3 sets of 5 squat snatches @95
all untimed just working on form and ROM.

Rich V. said...

1000 yards 24 min