Sep 3, 2012

090412 - Tuesday

For Time:
Clean (115/75)
Bar Facing Burpees

Today's cleans should be 'full' cleans or 'squat' cleans (see video). Every rep should begin from the floor and the catch should be made in a full squat (depth below parallel). Don't get by with starting from the high hang or only doing a power clean. Prioritize full range of motion over the RXd weight. Scale the weight if needed so you can complete 45 reps of mechanically correct cleans.

And bar facing burpees are simply a burpee that ends with a jump over the bar.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

12-10-8-8-6 @ 135/185/225/225/295


18:03 - subbed my 100lb sandbag for the barbell and did "bag facing" burpees. Could be the bag, but felt like I had no gas for this WOD.

Ed said...

Did a makeup workout from last week that I missed, my wrist is not up to cleans and burpees.

50 DU
15 Pullups

7:51, had a hard time keeping my sets of DU going, a few strings of 20, but most around 10.

Noah said...

11:45 RX'd. Hardest part may have been jumping over the bar. Amazing how 6" can seem challenging.

Good to be back in the Bubble. The soaking, water-logged Bubble. The 0730 crew is now a party of three and others are always welcome to join.

Jake78 said...

13:15 as RXed

Wet and wild this morning!


Mike Anderson said...

14:30 RX'd.

I'm pretty disappointed with my time. I didn't go with a group and I let myself take too long and too many breaks.

Good WOD - I liked doing squat cleans, though I didn't like doing them at the time.

Andy M. said...

14:05 Rx, not my strongest effort. Tough couplet. Kicked my butt.

Ross said...

11:40 this morning, was a tough one for me...really had to work hard on getting the full squats, but got through them..

Jon Ramirez said...

12:08... Not bad, but one heck of a butt kicker.

Robert Parmenter said...

14:40 as Rx'd tried to beat big Mike, but rested too much between the burpees and missed him by 10 secs. Awesome workout that pushed the metcon while smoking my legs, well designed. Steve was right behind me,pushing me the whole way.