Sep 2, 2012

090312 - Monday

Labor Day

5 RFT:
15 Box Jumps (24/20)
5 Headstand Pushups

If you are not coming to the gym today, find something of comparable height to jump on. HSPUs can be scaled in a variety of may scale to a pike position off a box or a piece of furniture, an incline position against the wall (vice being pure vertical) or simply hold a handstand for 20 seconds. The bands can also be used off a pull up bar and around the shoulders for assistance. Full range of motion is the key. It is better to do the 5 HSPUs in a scaled position that allows full range of motion than do "Rx'd HSPUs" that stop short of full range of motion.

Did you know a headstand pushup is one where your head only travels as far as your hands (i.e. your hands are on the floor)? A handstand pushup is one where your head travels below your hands (i.e. you are using parallettes or stacks of weight plates).

Options for scaling:

On a box:
Or with bands from a pullup bar:

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