Aug 27, 2012

082812 Tuesday

Power Clean Geometry

20 minute AMRAP
15x Air Squat
400m run
12x Power Clean 135lbs
Post rounds complete plus extra credit to comments!

Scaling Options:
Reduce the length of the run and number of squats, substitute medicine ball cleans or if strength is not sufficient do box jumps.  The intent is the explosive movment of clean.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

12-10-8-8-3-3 @ 65/75/95/95/115/115

3rds + Squats + 400m + 9x Cleans*

*Substitued 100lb sandbag ILO 135lb barbell. One it was a good excuse to break out some old kit. Two, the dynamics of the shifting weight added a unique challenge.

Jake78 said...

Had a big ol' group this morning!

Did 4 rounds + 2 power cleans


Ross said...

IMCF South Dakota detachment,
5 rds + 15 air Squats, felt like I lost a lot of time in transitions up and down the stairs getting to and from the track. Cleans got better as I went through the rds first set felt loose, but much better line and catch in later rds.

Robert Parmenter said...

Great smoker. as Rx'd: 4 complete rounds, 15 squats, 400M, and 1 power clean when time hit. the runs got steadily slower as the workout went on.

yesterday: 2:52 for the situps and KB swings. Steve was right with me at 2:54.

rob said...

Cesar, Rodney, Lawrence and me joined up with Jake's group this morning and we had a 'mass' start. Big groups like that are motivating and help to knock out a few more reps and run a little faster. This is day 2 for Cesar, Rodney, and Lawrence after attending Foundations this weekend. They are doing great, learning quickly, and are excited about it. Joining a group helps keep all accountable so if anyone else is looking to link up with a group you are welcome to join us.

5 rds + 200m run; I sub'd KB snatch (35lbs) for the power clean.

Andy M. said...

5 rds + ~250 m, Rx. Followed with T2B and HSPU work.

Good WOD, hardest part was keeping my barbell from disappearing in between rounds;) Maybe I just need to run faster.

Mike Anderson said...

3 Cleans short of 5 full rounds.

I subbed a 500m row for the run.

I just missed the group start but it was good to see such a large group.

Jason McKenzie said...
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Jon Ramirez said...

5 rds + 15 air squats and 150 meters.

This was a butt kicker. Nice.

Greg E said...

5 rounds + 1 Air Squat RX

Good smoker

Chuck Anderson said...

3.666666 rounds RX

Doug said...

Feeling smoked from yesterday, so I worked Power Cleans and then did a ME 500m row. New PR on the row of 1:32.

Jason McKenzie said...

4rnds plus 15 air squats, 400m run, and 4 reps of PC. All PCs were at 115lbs.

Thanks to Jake and Mike for warm up and critique.

Erin Anderson said...

4 rounds, squat, run & 8 cleans.

Scaled cleans significantly to med ball cleans because my back still hurts from last weeks cleans. :(

Great group turnout this morning! Hope the ladies keep coming back!