Aug 26, 2012

082712 Monday

Basic Kettlebell Swing

Sit Up
1.5 Pood (55lbs) KettleBell Swing
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Scaling options:
Kettlebell weight can go as low as needed depending on your relative strength.  The spirit of the workout is fast, do a weight you can run almost unbroken through.  Use a Dumb Bell if you lack an appropriate kettlebell.


Ed said...

2:36 - 1.5 pood kettlebell and a rolled-up towel for situps.

Good to see a number of new folks this morning!

Greg E said...

02:50 - RX

This was a nice way to ease into the week.

Jason McKenzie said...

3:14 Rx'd
Ran to and from for some extra cardio. Great to have a group to push it.

Andy M. said...

3:09 rx - a little too deliberate on the situps.

Bench max reps @ 225 - 3 big ones. Look out NFL combine, here I come!

Finished by goofing around with HS holds, big box jumps, and ring work.

Mike Anderson said...

2:59 with rolled up towels.

Good Group and good to have a group start.

rob said...

3:19 with 35lb KB and R-arm only.

Mike, Jake(?), Rodney, Cesar, and I did this one together. Rodney and Cesar were at Foundations this weekend and found their way back, Nice Job! I like WODing with a group so if anyone else wants to join please feel free. We did 3, 2,1, GO! around 0540 this morning and I expect we'll be consitent with that time.

Jake78 said...


Nice and short!


John T. said...


Ross said...

2:40, it feels good to do a nice short one now and then.

Meghan Smith said...

2:57 with the 16kg KB. Worked on DU afterwards, and look forward to getting back to the early morning group this week!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

3:38 as Rx'd w/ Abmat situps

Found a 1.5 pood(ish - 55lb) KB

Doug said...

5-5-3-3-1-1-1-1-1 Snatch.
WOD as RX in 2:26.
10! Strict PU and 95# Press.

Jared said...

2:36 as RXd with ABMAT. Nice and short then on to DL.