Aug 22, 2012

082312 Thursday

AMRAP 20 minutes
20x Box Jumps
5x Snatch 95lbs (75)
Post rounds complete plus extra credit to comments!

Scaling Options:
Snatches are the most technically difficult movements CrossFit incorporates. 
Form needs to come before intensity.
Ask questions; the IMCF coaches will help.
 Do not go full weight on this before you have the movement down.
This is a great opportunity to practice. 


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Team WOD:

As part of a platoon (~15x PAX)

Water can carry (1.5 mile)
Litter carry (1.5 mile)
Tire carry (1.65 mile)
IBA run (1.6 mile)
Rope climb (30')

1:14:35 for my "team"

Great WOD this morning that tested work capacity across broad modal and time domains.

Ross said...

Felt slow today, snatches are coming along still have some work to do.
9 rds.

rob said...

.5 miles on stationary bike (level 15)
25 x air squats

The good news is that I'm out of my sling and can now do air squats as well as a few other exercises. I can even run as long as I don't swing my left arm/shoulder excessively

We had a great coach's clinic this morning with 13 people there. If you are planning on helping on Saturday show up around 0800 and don't forget your IMCF t-shirt. For those that are new you can get a IMCF t-shirt at the CGSC Foundations store in the basement of L & C.

Jake78 said...

9 rounds

Box jumps went slow but snatches were sound. Spent a lot of time coaching folks through the snatch today.


Andy M. said...

10 rds + 1 rep.

News flash -- box jumps really fatigue your quads. Felt it real good every time I settled into the snatch setup position.