Aug 21, 2012

082212 Wednesday

Coach's Clinic
This Thursday, 23 August 2012, will be our 3rd and last coach's clinic from 0600 - 0700 in preparation for this Saturday's Foundations. For those that plan on helping on Saturday, please make your best effort to attend as this is our dress-rehearsal to ensure we have every aspect of the training covered.

The times are not sped up!!

Nasty Girls
3 round for time
50x Squat
7x Muscle Up*
10x HP Clean 135lbs (95)
*Muscle Up sub is 3 pull ups, 3 dips for every 1 muscle up

Scaling Options:
Reduce reps by half, substitute push ups for pull ups.  Substitute medicine ball cleans or even box jumps depending on your skill and strength.

If you are going to do this one in the bubble you will need to do the MU sub.  If you have your own rings and med ball, consider finding a place outside the bubble to execute. 
Given that we can't do MUs in the bubble, here is an alternate WOD:

3 rounds for time of:
50 air squats
21 pull ups
21 dips
10 hang power cleans (135/95)


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

TRX elevated push-ups 5x10reps


~13:23 (operator error...tacked on 1 min after I realized it)
Scaled MU on pull-up bar with blue band (1:1)
Scaled HPC to 115lbs

Noah said...

IMCF Yongsan:

Nasty Girls with HPC scaled to 115...13:10. MUs were tough today for the 2nd and 3rd sets. Jumped on tall things afterwards.

Found a home for the next 10 days at Fight Tonight CrossFit on USAG Yongsan. They have good equipment and have secured a small space in Collier Field House. Funny thing, there is a sign saying "No dropping weights by order of the garrison commander." Is this really what garrison commanders need to concern themselves with? I would think he would would be more concerned with the dozens of unused weight machines sitting around.

Jacob Heppner said...

Karen, w/ a 70# kb instead of a wallball. 150 reps. 17.34.

Erin Anderson said...

32:30 scaled 18/63 dips to bands

zero intensity.

Karen with 70#! Nice work!

Jake78 said...

13:14 as Rx'ed

Did Muscle Ups off my knees in the bubble, not as fun but still challenging.

I'll be there for the coaches clinic tomorrow.


Greg E said...

I modified a bit: 3 rounds for time in 9:12
50 squats
21 pushups
21 dips
10 hanging cleans @115

Ross said...


Bad day for me. Subbed 21 pull ups and 21 dips for MUs

Ali Thompson said...
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G. Scott said...

14:01 w/ muscle-ups from my knees. If I could have followed Doug's advice of going faster and not getting tired I probably would have posted a faster time.

Andy M. said...

12:56 Rx. Stalled a bit on the 3rd set of MUs.

Anyone know who put a whole bunch of 70# KB sized dents in the wall? :)

Rich M. said...

Late post.....10:49. i subbed 10 jumping MUs in lieu of the 7 mus. all else RXd