Aug 19, 2012

082012 Monday

Row like a champ!

3 rounds for time
Row 500m
30x Burpees
Post time to comments!

Scaling Options:
Reduce reps and distance.  If you lack a rowing machine, you can substitute a 400m run for that portion.  Scale reps by half is a good starting point.


Mike Anderson said...

If any of the new folks from PAIR Day are coming in, I'll be there at 0530 and can help you out with the workout.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Deadlift 12-10-8-8-3-3



15:57 (400m run ILO row)

Ed said...

12:48 as Rx'd.

I tried a different rowing technique, one Alex mentioned a month or so ago. Basically fewer strokes per minute, but more powerful pulls on each stroke. I was able to go about 24 strokes per minute and stay under 1:50 for each 500m interval. Previously I'd have to average around 32 or 33 strokes per minute for the same pace.

Jacob Heppner said...

11.59 as Rx'd.

21x DBL KB Thrusters 70#
12x Shooters KB Pushups
21x DBL KB Thrusters 70#
9x Shooters KB Pushups
15x DBL KB Thrusters 70#
6x Shooters KB Pushups
time: 20.01

Ross said...

IMCF - South Dakota Detachment at the Univ of MN today for a conference, did a group run with the other PMS's in Task Force Ripley (3d BDE), 3.5 miles (27:15) and then a variation of FGB

Jump Rope (SU)
Wall Ball (20# / 10 ft)
Military Rower
Box Jump (24")

got 225, 226, 230 for the reps on each round...

Jason McKenzie said...

14:46 as RX'd.

Justin Mcgovern said...

17:43 RX'd

rob said...

20min AMRAP
.5 miles on stationary bike, level 15
10 x lunges per leg
7rds + .5 miles

After a consistent week+ of work I am starting to feel ok but I know when I am released for upper body work it will be a difficult path.

Erin Anderson said...

? Time, new watch, need more practice with start & stop.

Seriously, I have had several people recently tell me they are intimidated to come to cf. I felt so welcome last year when I started coming. I had to scale workouts for 4 months & had one of the slowest times on the blog but it didn't matter. It was just about trying to slowly improve, learn form & try not to get injured. I just hope we all can be aware of how some new people feel so we can be as welcoming & encouraging before & after the WODs!

Jon Ramirez said...


Meghan Smith said... goal was under 15 minutes, and if I'd been the Bubble with a group instead of on my own at home I know I would have achieved it. The 2nd set of burpees were just shy of fun.

See you later this week!

John T. said...

IMCF Iraq Embassy

I've been too lazy to post lately but i been doing smokers.

Today 12:45 and then 10k run at 7:03 pace outside in 100 degree heat.

On Friday new PR for barbell Fran at 9:36. yeah not fast but better than my old time of 13:40 something. Anyway hope all is well and i hope pair day pulled in a lot of new folks.


Doug said...

Deadlift work up to #365.

WOD rx in 12:25.

G. Scott said...

WOD rxd 17:34. That last round really crushed me.

Andy M. said...

17:20. 2 weeks of lobster rolls, clamcakes and beer have taken their toll. Good to be back in the gym after 2 weeks of vacation.