Aug 16, 2012

081712 Friday

The Bubble is closed on Friday in preparation for PAIR Day.
Meet at the track at 0535 for WOD brief; start WOD at 0545

2-man Team
Max push ups
Max air squats
Max tuck jumps
Max sit ups
Max dips (off of bleachers)
Max burpees

Athlete 1 does push ups
Athlete 2 runs 400m...when Athlete 2 finishes 400m he/she tags Athlete 1
Athlete 1 does 400m
Athlete 2 does push ups
Keep a running count of push ups...
Athlete 1 does air squats
Athlete 2 runs 400m...when Athlete 2 finishes 400m he/she tags Athlete 1
Athlete 1 does 400m
Athlete 2 does air squats
Continue the count, no need to count individual exercises
..tuck jumps
...sit ups
... burpees

The total score is your time minus 1 second for every rep.  Can you get a negative score???


Mike Anderson said...

You always have to be ready for the unknown and unknowable in CrossFit!

I'll be at the Start/Finish line in the corner to go over the workout.

Noah said...

Yaay!! Burpees!

Mike Anderson said...

Noah - come with the early group and be my partner. I'll walk backwards to give you maximum burpee time.

rob said...
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rob said...

I wish I could join you guys. I hope to be released to at least run within the next couple of weeks - have fun and enjoy. I sincerely miss it.

I'm looking for someone who is MacBook savy. I have one but don't use it much; the rest of my family does. I need some help finding where my son stored some of his files. Any help would be appreciated

Jared said...

Rob- Did you try the spotlight in the top right corner to search for the files? If not the finder window is generally pretty good search spot. If neither works bring your MB to the WOD and I will try to help find the files. May also come in handy trying to calculate scores. I will be there a few minutes after six.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

20:48 for


Wallballs (18#)
Double Unders

Ed said...

Team Ed and Mike -
Total time: 22:18
Total reps: 727
Adjusted time: 10:11

Good WOD - and a nice big group this morning out of the bubble. Welcome to all the new CGSC folks.

Mike Anderson said...
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Mike Anderson said...

Great Group this morning for our first Team WOD in a long time.

Team Jeremy & Mike finished in 21:06 with 516 total reps for an adjusted time of 12:30.

rob said...

Sorry I didn't make the WOD this morning. It sounds like it went well. I should be out of my sling by Thursday and hope to do modified WODs with the group.

Stationary bike
4 x 5min intervals @ level 15
I must have been not going as hard as I could or the last one would't have been the furthest distance.

Jared - If I would have checked the blog before I went to bed I would have met you at the track. My son had set up a seperate account from the family account. I had him close that account but he's not sure where all of his files went. Perhaps he deleted them when he closed the account, but I think they must be on the hard drive somewhere. I'll give your suggestion a try...and most likely link up with you on Monday. I didn't mean to turn this into a tech blog!

Ross said...

Team of 1 today in SD, made up Monday wod.
15 min AMRAP
15 BJ
20 MBC

5 rds + 200m

Noah said...

Team Jared/Noah (with office mate Steve as a non-contributing 3rd member)...23:50 for 685 reps. 12:25 adjusted time if my math is correct.

Greg E said...

Death by burpees today...
For time: 24:41
50, 40, 30, 20, 10
Burpees, PP @ 45#, and Back extensions

Jason McKenzie said...

Fun time. Great way to end the week.

Team Lance/Jason:

Total time: 20:46
Total reps: 468
Adjusted time: 12:58

Robert Parmenter said...

Steve and I enjoyed the track work out this morning. 25:16 total time, 596 reps, works out to 920 seconds or 15:20 adjusted. My arms are still shaking.


Tiffany said...


Erin Anderson said...

Eric & Erin

20:25 time
Eric 344
Erin 188

Total 11:30

Good group this morning! Although Eric almost doubled my points I still worked harder than I would have without a group start.