Aug 15, 2012

081612 Thursday

How to Double Under like a pro!

For Time
300 Double Unders
Post time to comments!

Scaling Options:
Substitute single unders if you cannot do doubles; 3-singles equals 1-double.  Use this opportunity to practice getting that solid single and work towards the double.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Squat Clean
10-10-7-7-5 @ 95-105-135-135-155

7:56 for 300+ DUs
Lost count at some point during the last 25 or so...started over with last "known" number. Probably at 330 or there abouts.

Ross said...

A couple of weeks away from practice really hurts on DUs

Ed said...


First set was 60, I thought I was going to be sub-5 ... then at around 200 or so I couldn't string more than 7-10 at one time. More practice needed.

Rich M. said...

3:43....miss all of you guys!!!!

monroe said...

10:05, Man do I need a refresher course! Then 50 TTB. UI'll be in the gym at 1600 for some oly work and anyone wanting to catch up on what we covered this morning.

Noah said...

A frustrating 5:25 on the DUs. Same as Ed, somewhere around 200 I couldn't string more than 4 together and then around 250 it clicked again. Worked thrusters and handstands afterwards.

And Rich blogs in on the one WOD that is right in his wheelhouse!

Jake78 said...


My leather rope is awesome but much slower than those fancy speedy ropes.

Did sets of 50, 30, and 20 usually in that order for all 300.

Remember to bring your buddies for tomorrow's WOD - the Elephant!


Tiffany said...

Hi! I got on here this morning to share an article with the group that was in my email about the benefits of CF and running, but when I saw the workout I couldn't resist. 6:36 (after just running 5 miles, I really wish I would have checked the blog first!)

Here's the article:

rob said...

No WOD for me this morning as I had coach's clinic followed by an early medical appointment. Besides, one-armed DUs wouldn't work anyway.

The coach's clinic went well. We had 10 show up with 4 of them being beginning CF athletes. They are generally knowledgable about CF and want to get involved with IMCF. Right now we have more coaches signed up to help than we have athletes to take the course. If you know anyone who would like to get started with CF and just needs an invitation, now would be a good time to do it. I imagine we'll have more people after PAIR day, but we've got plenty of coaches this time.

Rich & Tiffany - don't be strangers, nice time on the DUs, and thanks for the article.

COL B said...

Every WOD is more difficult at 5,788 feet. Still monitoring the Iron Majors,but temporarily engaging w the local Afghan affiliate here.

Greg E said...

What... Sign posted at the states "this facility will be closed today after 1300 and will reopen Monday"

Absurd... Pair day is out of control.

Greg E said...

At the bubble

Noah said...

SOunds like Friday may be a great time to do an outdoor WOD around Post. Good thing the heat broke! Can we climb trees without the MPs getting upset?

Erin Anderson said...


Mike and I just saw Rob and I think they are looking at doing the team wod outside or at the track tomorrow.