Aug 14, 2012

081512 Wednesday

WOD demo...

3 rounds for time
50x Back Extension
50x Sit Up
Post time to comments!

Scaling Options:
Back Extensions can be "good mornings" without weight
Reps should be scaled a good divider is by 1/2 or 1/4, depending on your level of fitness.


Mike Anderson said...

Are the situps on the GHD or Abmat?

Noah said...

Michael calls for back extensions but what the video demonstrates are hip extensions. Does it really matter, no. However, back extensions are a difficult thing to do correctly for time, especially for 150 reps. I recommend hip extensions (as shown in the video). Back extensions are best done slower and smoother than the hip extension which can be knocked out rapidly.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

75 minutes of soccer for staff PT. It's either age or the overly competitive nature of Army officers that make such a game physically challenging. Probably a combination of both. It turned out to be a great "WOD".

Jacob Heppner said...

5 rounds for time of:
225# 3x Power Cleans
225# 3x Front Squat
225# 1x Push Jerk or Split Jerk

I hear there is an awesome team WOD programmed for Friday. Excited! Hope I'll be able to join in and meet some new people.

Ross said...

Subbed weightless good mornings for back extensions.

Jason McKenzie said...

Back extensions were rough after the first 20, but excited to feel sore. That's how I know it's workiing.

Jake78 said...


Back Extensions made me slow!

4 man Team WOD on Friday bring your buddies!


rob said...

Well it wasn't Michael, but it's progress and better than nothing...

5min work, 5min rest
4min work, 4min rest
3, 2, 1

Max effort on each interval at a level 15 for consistency. I maintained a 115 +/- 5 strides/minute for all intervals.

Noah said...

20:30 using hip extensions. The thought of doing 150 back extensions makes my back hurt!

Erin Anderson said...

25:30 I should have pushed the run a bit more.

If anyone is new to the area, there are red marks on the right hand curb after you run through the parking lot & take a right for distances. There is a 100, 200, 300 & 400 mark.

So, to the guy who passed me twice on one 800 today, I really wasn't trying to cheat, I just ran to the 400 mark & turned around for the 800. I can't verify accuracy but one of the leaders measured them a year or 2 ago.

Mike Anderson said...

Did Seminar PT today. It was a good concept, but lacked the intensity of CF and the bubble.

It was a valuable lesson in the fundamental principle of CF - High Intensity.

Jacob Heppner said...

Lunch Crew:
Michael, 19:15 Rxd