Aug 13, 2012

081412 Tuesday

What a Press looks like as compared to the Push and Jerk.

Remember the press involves no leg movement
Post weight scheme to comments - go for that 1 rep max on Press!!!

Remember "heavy" and Personal Records (PR) are relative terms to you.  If you have never done a 1 rep max be conservative, work towards it and if you have questions ask!


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:


*Failed on third rep

Jess said...


Ross said...

IMCF - SD detachment

A little off today but that is to be expected after two weeks of moving and not having regular workouts.
5x - 135, 135, 145
3x - 155, 165, 175
1x - 185, 185, 185 (F- bent knees mental lapse), 185

Mike Anderson said...

Sets of 5: 135, 145, 145
Sets of 3: 155, 165, 175
Sets of 1: 185, 195(f), 190(f)

I felt great through the sets of 5 and 3. I think I just got tired by the time it came to go heavy.

If anyone is tech savvy enough to loop some CF Videos off YouTube into one that we can use at Pair Day, let me know.

Jason McKenzie said...

Sets of 5 = 95, 115, 115 (-1)
Sets of 3 = 95, 100. 100
Sets of 1 = 115, 115, 115

This was experimental obviously. Funny how your legs beg to help out on these.

rob said...

1/2 mile on stationary bike
20 x lunges per leg

I've been on the stationary bike in Harney for about a week. I'm keeping the setting on 15, but I'm not sure what 15 really means. Still, it gives me something to measure previous WODs against.

We are going to have a team WOD on Friday and make a push to have a big group start at the same time. Tenatively we'll do a 0535 brief and 0545 start. It's going to be a 4-man event. Invite your friends, neighbors, peers, etc. We will do a clean, but it's light and of course can be scaled to fit any newcomers needs. MTF.

Noah said...

Worked 85-115 on the presses.
Tooled around with cleans afterwards.

Ross, glad to see you survived the move and found a place to throw weights around in South Dakota.

Ross said...

Yeah found the gym, but man it is not set up for CF. asked about hanging rings, and got a really fun look and redirected to a few different people. We will see, I meet the athletic director tomorrow and get to pitch what we can provide the athletic program in exchange for use of field house gym with athletes so that may turn into a better option. I mean not even a GHD in site this morning. So maybe I will have to build a killer garage gym we will see.

Erin Anderson said...


Does anyone know what % of body weight you should press before being able to do a hspu?

Robert Parmenter said...

5x 135, 135, 135,
3x 155, 155, 155,
1x 165, 175, 185.

I had a problem on the last set, I found myself needing to lean back too far and hitch a little to get the weight moving the first inch. they were not as strict and I wanted.
but there you have it.
thanx to steve who continually tries to fix me and my form.

Jake78 said...

135 / 115 / 115 for sets of 5
135/ 135 / 135 for sets of 3
155/ 160 / 165 (failed)

Bodyweight of 170.

I don't know of any percentage of BW to do a HSPU, but I do know you are pushing your entire body weight up to do one - if that helps!


Jared said...

1x155 (had to unlock the knees to get all the way up)

rob said...

Erin - I don't think there is a prescribed BW as you described. It varies from person to person. Spealler provides some efficiency tips for HSPU that are great for building HSPU capacity. Go to the 3:27min mark of the link below. Also, in terms of building capacity doing hand stands against the wall for intervals (10sec, 20 sec....) is a good way to include HSPU in any WOD.

Erin Anderson said...

Thanks Rob & Jake. I was hoping you would say 80% because the arms must weigh 20%. I've got plenty of work to do then.