Aug 9, 2012

081012 Friday

Posture drills for sprints.

Buddy Workout!!!
5 rounds for time
400m run
Double Under
While one buddy runs, the other is doing Double Unders
Post number of total team double unders to comments.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Freelancing from the programing...

4.5 mile aerobic run
42:08 @ 145 (building back up after almost a year of no distance running)

10x HSPU (blue-green band assist)
10x Pistols (each w/ TRX assist)


Ed said...

Teamed with Erin and Justin this morning. We finished at 24:25. I failed to get the DU count for Erin or Justin, but my total was 564, I'm sure one of them can post our total score.

Good WOD.

Jacob Heppner said...

5 rds of:
3x DL @ 365#
3x Weighted Pull-ups 45#
3x Ring HSPU
Teamed up with someone I didn't know, Jess. Team Jess & Jake did the DU/400m WOD. Jess knocked out 603 singles (201 DU), I got 730 DU, for a total of 931 in a time of 27.31.

Jake78 said...

Ram and I rocked out the WOD

Total time: 28 minutes

Total jumps ropes 1008

548 were double unders, ram did singles


Noah said...

Noah/Jared...19:54 and 739 DUs.

Two weeks ago my office mate and workout partner, Ross, PCSd to South!

Then his replacement, Jared, checked in who is also a CrossFitter...yeah!

Rich V. said...

ran 30 min mil press

Mike Anderson said...

Late Post -
Jason and I did this workout at the track this morning.

Total time was 17:00 min. I didn't get Jason's DU total, but mine was pretty low. I'm blaming it on Jason running the 400s too fast rather than my abysmal DU ability.

Erin Anderson said...

Team Ed, Justin & Erin. +300-350 du. I wrote them on the board but forgot to count them. But I either slowed Ed down on time or gave him more "opportunity" to jump rope! Good team perspective Ed.

Ross said...

Hey glad you got a new partner. All unpacked here, still hanging pics. Only been running past two weeks, started work today and get my access to the gym today so hopefully will start my regular CF workouts soon...

Jess said...

Thanks for teaming up with the pregnant chick Jake! That was more fun than the programmed workout from crossfitmom!