Aug 7, 2012

080812 Wednesday

Coach's Clinic
So far we have 7 coaches for the 25 Aug Foundations.  We'd like to get more help.  We'll do a coach's clinic tomorrow.  Even if you don't plan on helping on the 25th  it's a good opportunity to get some coaching experience and get great feedback.  We'll start at 0600 and Mark will do another one at 1600.

So far we have 4 volunteers to help on Saturday 18 August 2012.  We'd like to get a few more.  If you are avaliable and can help please contact Mike 

Double unders...

Double Under
Sit Up


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Hand Stand (best was 10sec free standing)

Bench Press - Chest to Deck Push-ups
12 reps @ 115
10 reps @ 135
8/6/6/4 @ 145
2 resp 2 155
(still working through a sore shoulder - not sure why but only affected during BB bench press so working on good form and range of motion)

8:46 for "Annie" w/ Abmat situps

Andy M. said...

DL 3-3-3-3-3
275,295,315,335,345 (3RM PR, yay)

Annie - 10:12, took a while to hit my DU rhythm.

Jacob Heppner said...

Annie: 5.43.

Noah said...

8:26 for Annie. Took me a bit to get my DU mojo.

Clearly Jacob did not have that problem. Have you figured out a way to do DUs and situps at the same time?

Jake78 said...


Those abmat situps slowed me down, did it in 6 minutes without earlier!!


John T. said...

IMCF Iraq Embassy

Did lots of SUs yesterday so instead did
ran 10k 41:08

Then modified Fran
40 lb dumbbells and push ups

finished with hand stand work

Erin Anderson said...

8:49. Very slow on the situps.

There are some extra yellow fliers about the fundamentals class in a bottom cubby in the bubble. Feel free to grab some if you want to invite someone. Or drop a hint by leaving it on a buddies car!

Doug said...

7:03. Got a PR of 28 DU in a row during the process. Also broke my jump rope. Thanks to Jake for letting me use his for the last set. Then did 10x100m sprint and max box jump work.

Rich V. said...

WOD 15 min got a few DU in a row!!