Aug 6, 2012

080712 Tuesday

Iron Major Standards:
Once you jump on the bar for pull ups and laces to bar, getting off the bar terminates the event.
Crab walk is forward for 25m and then backward for 25m or vise versa, point is you are not moving the same way.
Crab walk and 5k are timed together, crab walk right into the run.
2 minute break between pull up, laces to bar, and the farmers walk.
Post total Push Ups, Laces to bar, Farmers walk time, and Crab Walk to 5k times

Toes/Laces to Bar

Pull up instruction again...

Pull Up Max Reps
Laces to Bar Max Reps
100m Farmers Walk 55lbs DB
50m Crab Walk


Noah said...

I forget...isn't there a programmed rest of 1 minute between the PUs and the TTB or was it right into one from the other?

Greg E said...

2 min of rest between each event except the crab walk and 5k.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Pull-ups = 30 (new PR!)
Laces to Bar = 12 (not so much)
Farmer's Carry = 52 sec
Crab Walk & 5K = 29:51

Ed said...

Pull-ups: 38
Laces to Bar: 16 (grip failed quickly)
Farmer's Carry (50 lb DBs): 43s
Crab Walk and 4.7k (oops, miscalculated the distance): 22:19

Jake78 said...

Pull Ups 35
Laces to Bar 15 (I'm terrible at those)
Farmer's Carry 45 seconds
Crab Walk to 5k 24 minutes


Andy M. said...

Pull-ups: 28
Laces to Bar: 23
Farmer's Carry: Completed, forgot to time.
CrabK: 23:09

Hills and grip conspired against me this AM.

Noah said...

Pull ups 40 kipping
Toes to bar 21
Farmer's Carry ~45 sec
Crab and 5K 27:24.

Always thought this was a rather bizarre test of fitness, especially when out of the entire year at CGSC it is the only feat of fitness recognized with an award.

Jason McKenzie said...

Pull ups: 22
Laces to Bar: 12 (first time doing them)
Farmers Carry (53lb KB) 44 sec
Crab Walk/5K: Unsure of total time, but know my run sucked (around 24:30). Lot of pressure in the head

Thanks to Rob for the push.

Rich V. said...

15 min run 100su bench press back extensions.

Doug said...

PU=30. LTB=15(grip fail). Farmer Carry - :34sec. Crab and 5K Row: 21:20.

Note: if you are planning to do the Iron Major, the pull up bar at the airfield is much thicker than the bar in the bubble. Work the grip!

Doug said...

Oh, and good job to Pete, who smoked me on the 5K row.

Matt B. said...

Three rounds of warmup, then technique practice on front squat and OHS with 45# bar, then three rounds of press at 65# (10, 10, 6) and three rounds of SDHP at 65# (10, 10, 10).