Aug 5, 2012

080612 Monday

How to Hang Power Clean

3 rounds for time
30 x Air Sqauts
10 x Hang Power Clean  (115/75)


COL B said...

Team Mates,
Recently volunteered for a short tanker in support of OEF. At the CRC now, will miss the familiar faces in the bubble, but will be following along where ever I am.

rob said...

You will be missed and thought of. Stay safe and we look forward to your return.

John T. said...

Iron Major Crossfit Iraq

Sunday night did

25X53lb Kettle bell swings
25X Box jump burpees with 30'' box
25X SU


Box jump burpees with a high box was a smoker.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

10m Stone Carry
5-5-5 @ 95lb/110lbs/120lbs
Attempted a 170lb stone but failed to get to chest - now a new goal!

5:12 as Rx'd

Ed said...

COL B - best of luck, stay safe.

Found a way to knock these out with my wrist wrapped up nice and tight.
3:31 as Rx'd.

Mike Anderson said...

COL B - Have a safe trip.

4:13 for the WOD

I worked out with Jake, Joel and Jason. I felt like the odd man out like maybe I should have changed my name to Jared.

John Turner - great job on the burpee box jumps - 30" box - smoker

Meghan Smith said...

5:46. Felt good to get some weight on the bar again after several weeks light for my pinched nerve. I'm definitely not 100% but I'm getting there!

COL B--stay safe!

Jason McKenzie said...

4:26 WOD as Rx'd. Was worried about the weight, but was able to swing it. Worked on the rope afterwards. Was able to get 8 DU's at the end. Improvement for sure.

Robert Parmenter said...

good short hard WOD. As RX'd came in at 4:39. Did Push up and Sit up improvement. Then 30 seconds hard 30 seconds rest for 10 minutes on the ERG, Goal was to row 150M each time. Made it 4 times, worst one was 146 meters. averages out to 1:40 /500M pace.

Jake78 said...


Squats were just what the doctor ordered today!


Jacob Heppner said...


Tried to get sub-2min as Jake predicted, but those air squats had another idea.

Andy M. said...

WOD - 3:20

C&J singles to 205, failed 2x at 215. Some light handstand and GHD work afterward.

Rich V. said...

WOD 13 min leg fatigue last set.
Did sit ups tri 12 run.

monroe said...

Dave (Col B), thanks for your support of IMCF. Fair winds and following seas 'till your return.
I got 4:11 on the WOD. Followed with 10 C&J 115#, 50 TTB done in sets of 15/15/10/10, handstand and jumprope practice.

COL B said...

RXed at Ft Benning CRC
5:50, was feeling the power cleans I did sunday night

Doug said...

3:15 as Rx. Worked FS and TGU afterwards.

Paige said...

4:47 RX

J said...

4:17 as Rx'd.