Aug 2, 2012

080312 Friday

How to Back Squat

Back Squat
Warm Up sets don't count, all 5 sets should be work sets
Post your weight scheme to comments go for that 5 rep max PR!!


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF HOhenfels:

5-mile aerobic run:
47:47 @ 149bmp

Front Squat

Sore upper back today prevented the back squats, so I switched to front squats.

monroe said...

Couple other things to consider on back squats: are you training for power or strength? Oly lifts or power lifting or general conditioning? Hi bar or low bar? Raw strength or speed strength? There's more to it than loading as much as you can for 5x5. Have a plan.

Ed said...

Did front squats for these since my wonky wrist didn't want to allow me to grip the bar for a back squat (I know, it didn't sound important to me either, but surprising how much it seemed to matter).

205 across all five work sets. Front squat let me keep my wrist in a more comfortable position, but I probably could have gone up a little bit.

monroe said...

One more consideration: expectations. Just because you hit a PR last time you worked 5's doesn't mean you'll hit it this time. I hope you do, but did you do 25o squats and run 2.5 miles yesterday? Are you fully recovered, rehydrated, refueled? Probably not. Squats are a tremendous core exercise. Maybe today you focus on form, midline stability and contraction and depth in consideration of yesterday's effort. Use your head and don't get hurt.

Jake78 said...

Did Low Bar Back Squats



Jason McKenzie said...

Didn't want to push it with the weight after 250 air squats yesterday. Really wanted to focus on form which, thanks to Chuck Anderson, went well.

135-155 (x4)

Andy M. said...

Back Squat
5 x 225/245/265/275
1 x 285 and called it for all the reasons Mark mentioned.

Finished with some max-rep Ring Dips (24) and hang power clean work at moderate weight.

Noah said...

185-205-205-205-205. Nothin' like ending the week with some squats!

Russ Ames said...

made up thurs wod at 23:06.

then 5x5 shoulder press at 115

core still sore from tuesday!

John T. said...

5,4,3,2,1 Squat ladder

25 SU
25 AS
25 DU

Run 1/4 mile warmup
Run 1 mile as fast as possible

Mike Anderson said...


My form wasn't good on the second set so I dropped weight to work on depth and knees.

I kept going with some lighter sets of 8 and 3 x 6 FS

Russ Ames said...

make that gas.