Aug 1, 2012

080212 Thursday

How to Squat

800m run
50 x air squats


Noah said...

So I just watched a 170lbs Olympian snatch 386lbs. I now have a new goal in snatch 1/3 of that weight at some point in my life!

Andy M. said...

Bench 3 rds max reps at 185 - 9/7/5

24:52 on the WOD.

Noah said...

~27mins at the track (another watch failure). Got a new CrossFit believer from my office to workout with, now I just need to get him to start blogging. Steve?

DH said...

Stayed at the track to do this WOD and got it done in 26:45 with a buddy pushing me. I am still feeling Tuesday's WOD. So is tomorrow run mile intervals?

Jake78 said...

Rain and lightning convinced me to abandon the WOD this morning. I'll hit it tonight with the wife.


Jason McKenzie said...

28:09 as RX but on a treadmill which made it slower. Result still the same....sore!

monroe said...

Went to the track intenting to do 4rounds. I did 2 rounds in 9 minutes. Too much coffee and too damn hot at 1300. Felt good to run and squat though. Went back to the bubble and did 50 TTB and some handstands.

Rich V. said...

1 set 25 squats
4 sets 15 squats
5x 800s
Time 43 min PAIN

Russ Ames said...

as Rx: 23:06...constant running treadmill enabled hop on/hop off