Jul 6, 2012

July 14th Fundamentals Course 0830-1230 at the Bubble

See link to the right if you're new to Fort Leavenworth or CrossFit and would like to learn more ... for FREE! (or the investment of approximately 4 hours) We have about 25 folks signed up, but can always accept more.

If any more instructors or experienced folks want to volunteer to assist, we could use a few assistant instructors to make up a fourth coaching team to bring down our student-instructor ratio. Just post to comments or send an e-mail to edward.gavin @ gmail.com

We will have a coaches clinic on Thursday, 12 July at 0615. The intent is for the Coaching Teams to rehearse coaching methods and the nine fundamental movements.

For Level 1 instructors and volunteers to help with the Fundamentals Course, here are the responsibilities and teams, no change from the e-mail sent last week:

What is Fitness? - Mike A.
What is CrossFit? - Alex E.
Nutrition - Noah M.

Coaching Team 1
PI - Mark M.
AI - Steve B.
AI - Andy M.

Coaching Team 2
PI - Elizabeth B.
AI - Luster H.
AI - Alex E.

Coaching Team 3
PI - Kevin M.
AI - Jake A.
AI - Mike A.


Jacob Heppner said...

I told elizabeth i could help out for a while and i may be bringing someone for the course along with me

Ed said...

Thanks Jacob - I'll add you to the list.

Russ Ames said...

ed, i would like to AI. Lvl I cert in ILE back in 09, but not sure of currency. Have to get alibi from my SAMS seminar weekly pt on thursday though.

Ed said...

Russ, no problem. I'll put you on as an AI. Can you send me an e-mail at edward.gavin @ gmail.com so I can put you on the e-mail roster?
Thanks -