Jul 27, 2012

IMCF Upcoming Events

Below is a listing of upcoming IronMajor CrossFit events.    As the new ILE class arrives and kids get ready to head back to school, it's a good time to encourage family/friends/peers/neighbors to begin a functional fitness workout.  There are several good activities in the near term to help them get started.  Post your questions and comments to the blog.

The date for the next PAIR Day is Saturday, 18 August 2012. Mike Anderson is going to be the POC for IMCFs booth and is looking for some assistance. PAIR Day allows us to touch a large portion of the new class with the IMCF message. If you are interested in helping contact Mike at michael.anderson8@us.army.mil.

Fight Gone Bad 7 is 22 September 2012. We need a POC for this year’s event. IMCF sponsors a team and hosts the event at the bubble. We habitually get an excellent turnout when we begin planning early. If you are interested in being IMCFs POC send me an e-mail or post on the blog, robert.craig1@us.army.mil.

Morning and Afternoon Groups
As you know we don't have set times to WOD, but traditionally we've provided newcomers a time when they can show up and there will be someone to help them. The morning is well covered for the Fall, but if any of you workout at or in the afternoon please consider making yourself avaliable to coach a group. If you are able to coach a lunch or afternoon group send me an e-mail, robert.craig1@us.army.mil.

Erin Anderson has been IMCFs lead on public relations. She and her team have done an excellent job advertising Foundations, FGB, Specialty Courses, Level I Course, etc. Her team PCS’d this summer and she is in need of some assistance. If you are interested in helping out contact Erin at http://www.blogger.com/.

The next Foundations class will be on Saturday, 25 August 2012. Mark Monroe will facilitate. The class will be one week after PAIR Day and three weeks into the new ILE class, which means that we could get a large turnout. Mark will be asking for coaches as well as setting us several coaching clinics. Consider making yourself avaliable after the Foundations class to those that are willing to show back up at the gym and wand to start a functional fitness program. Mark your calendar for 25 August, mark.e.monroe1.ctr@mail.mil.

Although the A910 elective is still months away, this serves as a reminder that facilitating this elective is an excellent way to gain experience in teaching the CrossFit classes. Ed Gavin is the POC for A910 and will start organizing the team around early November.

Level I Course
We are planning to host a Level I course in late October. The college will once again sponsor 20 scholarships for CGSC and SAMS students. More details to follow.

Specialty Cert
As of now none are planned. We usually host one in the Fall and one in the Spring. If you have an idea please suggest it.

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