Jul 14, 2012

Fundamentals Course

Thanks to all the coaches and participants for the Fundamentals course on Saturday 14 July!

E-mail me (Ed) or post to the comments below if you have feedback from a coach or participants perspective. We are always looking to improve our program.

Here is the link to the Fort Leavenworth Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) for Harney Gym which is responsible for the "Bubble" gym we use. Leaving feedback here will improve visibility of our community with the post and MWR program.

Interactive Customer Evaluation



1 comment:

J.Wendell Allen said...

Great job to the organizers and all the coaches. It's hard to say there was need for improvement. The only thing I thought might have been missing is a discussion on injuries, inevitable muscle soreness and the risk of rhabdo. I'm having a hard time walking today! Squats!