Jul 31, 2012

080112 Wednesday

Muscle Up Progression

15min AMRAP
400m run
3 x muscle ups
5 x front squats (95/75)

Jake programmed this WOD to have MUs as the second exercise.  As we cannot perform MUs for the time being, you have a couple of options.

Option 1:  Substitue 10 x pull ups for muscle ups.

Option 2:  The CF standard sub for MUs is 3 pull ups & 3 dips for 1 MU.

We still don't have a way ahead on fixing the rack so we can hang rings.  Mark is diligently working with MWR to come up wiht a safe solution.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Squat clean
5-5-5-5-5 @ 60kg(~133lb)

3 rds + 380m

Scaled MU with blue band over pull-up bar (2:1 ratio); last round was 3x MUs & 5x pull-ups

Kinda rough after 90+ pull-ups yesterday!

Andy M. said...

5 rds + ~50m as Rx'd.

Jake78 said...

4 rounds

Did MU from my knees. Could have gone faster with better transitions between the run and MU. Have to work on that!


Jason McKenzie said...

4rds with the subs for MU. Not going to attempt quite yet, especially without my "coach".

Mike Anderson said...

Did Seminar PT today:
45 min AMRAP of chase frisbee, drop frisbee, change direction and repeat.

Noah said...

Stopped at 5 rds as Rxd. Had to estimate the time as I had a watch malfunction around the 12th minute.

How can you not enjoy doing weightlifting under metabolic load!

rob said...

I taught Part I of foundations at lunch today; what is fitness? and squat series. We'll do what is corssfit? and press series at lunch Friday. If anyone wants to join in and practice their coaching skills let me know. It is a small group of four.

Ed said...

Had my seminar group in today, did one of Meg's team WODs from a few months ago. Bottom line - yesterday's TTB didn't help today's K2E ... but as a team chipper it worked pretty well for a big range of experience. Time factor 35-40 minutes for the WOD.

In a team of 4:

2 team members run an 800 (together) while the other two chip away at:

20 lengths of the bubble bear crawl
50 Wall Walks
75 K2E
100 KB Swings (16kg/24kg)
125 Box Jumps (20/24)
150 burpees
200 metersx4 Farmers Carry
300 squats

Good fun.

Jon Ramirez said...

Completed 4 rds

9 PUs and 3 dips.

subbed PU and dips for the MUs.

Ran three miles afterwards.