Jul 30, 2012

073112 Tuesday

Pull-up Help

3 rounds for time of:
30x Pull Up
30x Wall Ball
30x Push Up
30x Med Ball Clean
30x Toes to Bar


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Wow! Hard to keep motivated through this one...could've used some group love.

43:06 as Rx'd (sort of - 18lb med ball by default)

First round to TTB killed me which then set me up for "success" for the following round(s).

Ed said...

That was a smoker ... I'll lay a bit of blame on my traveling the past weekend, but I had no energy for this one.

47:06 Rx'd ... that includes a roughly 5 min break between rounds 2 and 3 to hold down pukie outside. No grip strength left by the end. Round 2 was complete around 26 minutes, so a 20 minute round 3 ... gives an idea how slow the pace was towards the end.

Andy M. said...

34:35 Rx. Think I dreaded the med ball cleans most out of that whole mess.

If you haven't seen it before, great vid on getting more efficient on T2B and K2E by Again Faster:


Jacob Heppner said...

Time 33.43. Good way to start off your month of programming Jake!

Mike Anderson said...

42:54 mostly as RX'd. The last round had a lot of Knees to Elbows.

My grip was also pretty weak by the end.

It's glad to see the world is back on axis and Jacob is smoking my workout time. Last Friday was an outlier that is not statistically significant.

Russ Ames said...

34:19 Rx'd. Face was tingling, pukie threatening...is this what rhabdo feels like?!

Good stuff. Small group definitely helped.

Jon Ramirez said...

Looks like a tough one. I will be doing it tomorrow so I will post my time.

Noah said...

36:10 for 75 reps of each. Did 30-30-15 of esch movement. Spent more time resting than I did moving so decided to scale back that 3rd round.

A tip for those doing this later...consider changing the order of the Med Ball Cleans and TTB. Otherwise you end up going from 30 TTB right into 30 PUs which will smoke your grip and shoulders.

Jake78 said...


Tried to keep up with Jacob that first round - my bad, slowed me down significantly for rounds 2 and 3.


Ross said...

44:06 thought I could RX this but did not, ended up testing too much had to scale the last 10 pullups with the green band and last set of TTB turned into knee raises, just had nothing left...

John T. said...

Iron Major Iraq embassy

Swim 1,000 in 22:18

21:18 with 15X reps. Swim smoked my bags more than i thought. Also slowest 1k swim I have done in like 9 months.

John T

Rich V. said...

total work out time 43 min sets of 15 not 30.

rob said...

Ross - can you send me your e-mail address? robert.craig1@us.army.mil


Ross said...

Either Ross.nelson@us.army.mil

Jon Ramirez said...

Well as expected this was a heck of a workout. My time was 38:05. I think that the TTB were the hardest exercise. Between the last set of TTB, they became TTC (Toes To Chin). Great workout though.