Jul 29, 2012

073012 Monday

How to double under like a pro!

For Time:
30x Double Under
800x Run
60x Double Under
400x Run
90x Double Under
200x Run

What if I can't do double-unders?

Option 1:  Substitute 3 single unders for 1 double under.

Option 2:  Do tuck jumps. Multiple single-unders in no way compensate for the exertion required for double-unders. Stand with your feet slightly inside the width of your shoulders. Bend your knees and lower your body down 8-12 inches. Explode into the air and bring your knees up to your chest in a tucked position. Upon landing, your feet should be in a strong, dorsi flexed or "toes up" position. Use your whole foot to generate power, not just your toes! Maintain good posture in your upper body. Keep your chest and head up. Don't let your shoulders lean out beyond your knees. This can stress your lower back. Explode off the ground as quickly as possible and repeat for the required number of repetitions.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Skill work:

Press - Push Press - Push Jerk
3x5 each at 95lbs

13:24 as Rx'd

rob said...

I am going to run a Foundations for 3 - 5 people from where I work (Wed & Fri - 1130 to 1230 and one day next week). If you would like an opportunity to teach/coach in a small/low-stress group you are welcome to help. If you've never taught "What is CrossFit?", "What is Fitness?", or "Nutrition" this is a great opportunity to do it. You can also be a primary instructor for the any or all of the 9 movements. You can help with the whole thing or just the sections that you'd like. Send me an e-mail (robert.craig1@us.army.mil) or post to the blog.

Robert Parmenter said...

Don't have double unders yet, did 90 singles for the first round, and 125 for the second round till my rope broke. Then did tuck jumps for the rest at a 1:1 ratio for the DUs. Ended up at 16:45. then did 3 squat cleans on the minute every minute for 10 minutes with 95 pounds with Alex and Steve trying to fix my terrible form.
Thank you to whomever fixed my jump rope.

Jake78 said...


The rain this morning made the running a little easier.

I'm doing the programming this month, just let me know if anything is unclear!


Andy M. said...

FS 1RM - 235 (PR)
Press 3RM - 135, not feeling it.

15:47 on the WOD. DUs killed me. I think I did 90 unstrung, single double-unders on round 3.

Rob P - Found the cap screw next to my bag and had a screwdriver with me. Wish I had seen it break, could have saved you a tuck jump or two. Those things are brutal.

Noah said...

8:44 Rx'd. Good METCON to start the week. No doubt will get crushed by a heavy weight tomorrow or the next day!

For anyone who loses the screw cap on a cable jumprope (and finds it), there is a screwdriver dummy-corded to one of the whiteboards for jsut that purpose.

Mike Anderson said...

13:50 subbing 3/1 SU for DU.

Apparently bringing my rope to the gym everyday but leaving it in my bag will not help my double unders get better.

Rich V. said...

3x10 tuck jumps 800 meter run x3. 2X20 sit ups

Doug said...

Subbed rowing for running, but kept the distances the same. 13:22. I think that's more DU's than I've ever done in a single workout.

Jon Ramirez said...

9:03 The running really slowed my time. First 30 without stopping. 60 with only one stop and the 90 I had 4 stops. I didn't think that was too bad.

Tiffany said...


10:24 rx'd on a track. Pretty happy with my time considering I haven't done crossfit since the games in march. My main goal today was not to keel over, mission accomplished. Thank goodness for muscle memory with my DU's. Went unbroken until 2nd round at 40, but running was S.....L.....O....W.