Jul 26, 2012

072712 Friday

How to scale this one:

Standards for the WOD: (this video is from the Games Open this year which included more than just the 150 wall balls, ignore those parts of the video - focus from 0:40 to 1:58)


150 Wall ball for time (20lb @ 10' for men, 14lb @ 9' for women)

Post time to comments.

Thoughts: Karen is all about mobility and strategy. Mobilize those ankles, hips, and knees so you can stay  upright as possible as you squat. Any forward inclination will have to be resolved when you stand to launch the ball, and that has a metabolic cost. Extend the hips aggressively, and try launching the ball off your chest instead of bearing the weight in your arms, another metabolic tax you can do without if you use the hips properly. For strategy, decide on how to partition the reps. That could be sets of ten, 15, or twenty, or one every five seconds till you drop. Make a contract with yourself, for example breaks for no longer than three big breaths, or this ball will not touch the deck until rounds complete. The kind of strategy is not as important as simply having one, so have one!


Jacob Heppner said...

Karen: 6.54
Not the greatest time. I'm competing in an online competition through Crossfit Believe, Warrensburg MO. So I did the competition WOD a few times yesterday, probably didn't help my back out at all for today.

Greg E said...

9:24 this morning @ 20#'s.

Hello weekend.

Andy M. said...

7:16 for Karen - PR by a fair amount for me.

Finished with some seated box jumps (interesting) and HSPU work.

chris.m.rowe said...

8:51 as RX'd. Starting to feel it in the legs. LoL.

Jake78 said...


PR'ed by a mile.


Erin Anderson said...


Thankful the girls get a 14# med ball.

G. Scott said...

13:40 @ 20. PR by a good margin, but fell way off my starting pace.

Jason McKenzie said...

11:40 a PR, yeah! Does it matter if it was my first? Erin skunked me. Don't know if her husband did since he wasn't there....

Mike Anderson said...

In the spirit of 'constantly varied' I worked out in the afternoon today.

Finished Karen in 6:16. That's a big PR for me. I will forever remember this day as the first, last, and only day I beat Jacob Heppner in a workout.

Erin Anderson said...

I wanted to beat Mike but no success!

Who is planning next month's workouts? I'd like to make a request. Requesting a workout with burpees, box jumps & double unders!

John T. said...

Iron major Iraq Embassy

8:47. Long way off of PR. Last time Erin Anderson and I were within about 30 seconds. I knew she would smoke me this go around.
I am still feeling sorry for myself as my jetlag is kicking my ass. Legs were still sore from previous workouts this week. I'll get better!