Jul 25, 2012

072612 Thursday

Weighted pull ups


Post loads to comments.

Thoughts: How do you warm up for this movement? How do you grab the bar? For a  warm up try about two minutes of shoulder rotation movements. Now reach over head and grasp an imaginary bar. Close your fists tightly and contract your shoulder blades down and back while keeping your head neutral to your spine. Hold the contraction for three seconds. Do ten reps of "air" pull-ups, then a set of five strict ones, followed by five kipping pull ups. You should always use a closed grip for pull ups (thumb around the bar). Why? Primarily for safety, also for skill transfer, like gripping a barbell. Try a chinning grip or an alternating grip, like with dead lifting to see which fits you best for managing additional weight. We don't have suspension belts in the bubble so you might consider doing this one at Gruber where they do. Otherwise, try a plate between your legs or a dumbbell between your ankles. If you're really feeling strong, ask Mike Anderson to grab hold of you and pull away!


Mike Anderson said...

I'll be there at 0530 for anybody that needs me to hang on them for pull ups.

Ed said...

I bet Jacob will try.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

5-5-5 @ bodyweight + body armor(~30lbs)
3-3-3 @ bw + body armor + 15lbs
1 @ bw + body armor + 25lbs
1 @ bw + body armor + 30lbs
1 @ bw + body armor + 40lbs
2 @ bw + body armor + 40lbs...attempted a set of 3 but failed

Mike Anderson said...

I alternated grips throughout the workout - 1 set overhand, 1 set underhand, 1 set alternating grip for each group - (5,3,1)
Body Weight=255
5 x BW+10 OH
5 x BW+15 UH
5 x BW+15 Alt
3 x BW+20 OH
3 x BW+25 UH
3 x BW+30 Alt
1 x BW+30 OH
1 x BW+35 UH
1 x BW+45 Alt

Really impressed by Jason McKenzie - Knocked out pullups with almost half his body weight added on.

Jake78 said...

Lack of imagination limited my weights today. I couldn't figure out how to hold more than 50lbs at the bubble. I'm sure there's a way though.

3x5 at 20lbs
3x3 at 40lbs
3x1 at 50lbs


Jason McKenzie said...

Apparently I started out too light. Being new it's hard to guage what you can and can't do.

Body weight = 171
5 x BW + 15
5 x BW + 30 (x2)
3 x BW + 45 (x3)
1 x BW + 60 (45lb plate and 15lb dumbell)
3 x BW + 60
3 x BW + 60

Mike wanted me to test what I had left so I did 75lb once. Finally something I can do well. More to come.

Erin Anderson said...

1- BW +5#
BW +10#-Fail

Fast workout!

Mike Anderson said...

What Erin didn't mention is she did Jackie from yesterday first - with the 30 pullups.

Russ Ames said...

Phys. Therapy and shoulder mob day.

Trying to increase that ROM for OHS and Snatch!

Andy M. said...

Jackie this AM in catch-up mode, got my pullups in in the afternoon.

3x5 - 45
3x3 - 55/60/65
3x1 - 70/80(F)/75

Probably got a little too ambitious toward the end. Chin-ups looked more like nose-ups.