Jul 23, 2012

072412 Tuesday


30x Clean & Jerk, 135lb (recommend 95 lbs for women's weight)

Post time to comments.

Notes: Grace is often characterized as "overhead any way possible," using a clean grip. Throwing significant weight overhead as fast as you can is a recipe for injury. Select a weight you can lift once every ten seconds for thirty reps. Power cleans are fine. Power or split jerks are acceptable. Take time to mobilize wrists, elbows, and shoulders for a solid rack. see www.mobilitywod.com for specific mobility concerns.



Sweet programming!

I'm about to get my GRACE on.

-SFC Bucchin.

John T. said...

Iron Major Iraq Embassy - Grace scaled to 115lbs at 8:59.

COL B said...

Early start for me- 115lbs in 12:07
First time w Grace

Mike Anderson said...

3:15 for Grace this morning.

That's a big PR for me.

Andy M. said...

4:10 Grace. Got lazy returning the bar, all the re-setting slowed me down. Congrats on the PR, Mike! Awesome time.

DL 5RM at 315 and some ring work to finish off.

Robert Parmenter said...

4:20 ish as Rx'd, thanx to mike and steve for trying to fix my form. great workout, and congrats to Mike!

Noah said...

5:22 at 100lbs.

Mike...you're a machine!

Meghan Smith said...

Congrats Mike! And nice work everyone! Opted out of heavy pc bc I've got a pinched nerve in my neck or shoulder. Chose (?????) 150 burpees instead. 12:33--not a PR but it'll do.

Jake78 said...

Took the morning off due to some shoulder tweekyness.

Will hit it tonight in my garage.


Doug said...

5:31 as Rx. Had a gap in classes and went at lunch time, wasn't my normal time and had trouble mentally pushing. Varied time domain!

Russ Ames said...

115 lbs. 7:00 at 2 reps + rest every 30 secs on cf timer. I sandbagged. 25 wb shots as punishment.

monroe said...

I reset the clock timer by unplugging and plugging back in. Worked long enough to finish the workout but the numbers started to fade after that. Don't know what is going on there. It is getting power, though.

As for the WOD, 4:42 with 115lbs. That's about 65% of my one rep max, which is plenty for me in a METCON workout. If I were working on triples, doubles, or singles I would go up to 90%. Strategy was one every 10 seconds, worked well. I did a controlled drop every time, which cost time. I'll shoot for 125lbs or no dropping next time. Other reason I scaled is I have to to make it through five straight days!

Greg E said...

4:35 RX on Grace this evening.

Then I did some heavier clean n jerk work.

G. Scott said...

Just over 9:00 as Rx'd - a PR for me by a lot. Focused on on rep every 10 seconds, but started too fast in the first 10 and couldn't hold the pace.
Followed up with my nemesis DU.

J said...

6:35 as Rx'd... Not a PR by far, but for now, on par.


Jake78 said...

4:48 as RX

a tired Jake