Jul 19, 2012

072012 Friday

Power Clean

Notes: Warm up to 80-85% of your best PC and do sets across. Focus on weight in heels, speed through the middle, and aggressive hip extension. Rest as required for recovery, but don't get cold. This isn't a timed work out, so take your time to make each set up solid. No bouncing off the deck!


Jacob Heppner said...

Rest day today. If anyone wants to compete also, I'll be going to Topeka tomorrow to compete in the The Shop 2012 Summer Games

Website: (http://www.theshoptopeka.com/p/games-announcements.html)

1 day, 3 event competition. Only the first workout is posted.
Row 10,000m
Run 2 miles
100x burpees
100x Curtis P's Complex (95#)
2 miles
For Time.

Jason McKenzie said...

First time on the blog, but not the last. Brand new to Crossfit and excited to see what the next year brings. Looking forward to it and learning from my best man, Mike Anderson. I'm definitely not the lifting type, but need the challenge. Never knew there was so much that goes into throwing weight over/up your body.

Jake78 said...

I appreciated the heavy work today!


Maintaining good form on that last set was challenging!

I'm in the bubble at 0515ish if any new folks want pointers or a buddy to train with.


chris.m.rowe said...

Was able to stay at 185 the whole way through. However, the last two sets were much tougher than originally anticipated.

Mike Anderson said...

Stayed at 205 for all 5 sets - maybe I should have gone up a little at the end.

Thanks to Jacob Heppner for the help on getting speed through the middle and using my hips.]

Jacob - Good Luck tomorrow - that first WOD looks like a smoker.

Meghan Smith said...

My 1RM max is 115#, but I worked my sets closer to 75-80%, rather than the 80-85% prescribed. Last set was challenging to get my elbows under fast, so I need to do some more work.

I then spent about 10 minutes working on catching cleans in a squat rather than in the power. Still lots of work to do there.

Meghan Smith said...

And Good Luck Jacob!!!

Noah said...

155 across. Tried one set at 165 but failed on 4th rep.

eddie lewis said...

Really enjoying the WODs and the good people. Will anyone be doing the 31Heros WOD on AUG 4th? Thinking of knocking it out on post but I don't know where to get the rope work in.

Jeremy said...

Stopped in this afternoon.

Plenty of room to improve on technique and power. Will probably join the morning crew once I'm not commuting from the hotel..

Then, I couldn't resist the beautiful row of C2 rowers, so hit the 2k again, with the damper on 3: 7:34


J1648 said...

Stopped in this PM. Will probably join the morning crew once we're done commuting from the hotel...


Plenty of room to improve, both power/technique.

Couldn't resist the C2 rowers, so hit the 2k again. 7:34 with the damper at 3.


G. Scott said...

135/155/175/175/175 (F on rep 5).
Form felt a little rough - hardto get the wrists back to receive the bar on power cleans (for me).
A note on the weeks programming: I will say excellent! I especially appreciate the coaching notes on how to approach the workouts.
Oh, and Jacob, you are an animal.

Greg E said...

This is the first I have heard of this... The first event sounds awesome. I would love to do it.

Do you want to ride together? My number is 7196504072.

Doug said...

Did Fight Gone Bad with the Crossfit Kids boot camp. Great event by Elizabeth and crew, had a good time. Nothing like doing a daddy/daughter FGB with your 12 year old. For the record, she beat me by 10 points.