Jul 18, 2012

071912 Thursday

Row 2k

Notes: Learn how to read drag ratio on the monitor and lookfor the best damper setting. Go to the C2 web site to learn how to determine your best setting based on drag. Fish around for rowing strategy and have one in mind when you begin. What will your stroke rate be? What splits are you aiming for? For example, one strategy is negative splits. Another is start with a quarter pull, then a half pull, then ten full pulls. Repeat every ten pulls. Anything to help you focus on something besides the suck will help. Your goal is one second faster than the last time.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

8:12 not sure if that could be any faster. Today was my third time on a C2 rower since leaving ILE last summer (and one of those times was on a cruise ship!).

Interestingly, my normal setting (6) is right in the ideal band for drag factor according to the web site.

Ed said...

I checked the drag factor and found that level 5 or 6 is about right to get in the 'C2 desired' 110-140 range, at least on the rower I used.

7:23 for 2k row.

Finished by jumping on tall things. It's been awhile since doing that. I got 54", a PR, but only once ... a couple fairly epic fails were before and after hitting it, but fun to try anyway.

DH said...


Felt great pulling a 2k again. 7:26 at a 29 stroke rating. Could have pulled a better last 500 but set a good baseline.

Mike Anderson said...

I had a Drag Factor of 144 at Damper setting 7.

7:32 for the 2K Row.

My strategy was to maintain a steady pace. The 1/4 pull; 1/2 pull; 10 full pulls was too much thinking for me.

Meg Smith said...

9:06...my goal was under 9, and it would have happened were it not for my lazy brow-wipe in the middle of that last 500. :-)

Jake78 said...

You all are some rowing champs!

Was tired from last night's go at the snatches.

13 minutes

P.S. Pull up bars are still closed

Ross said...

7:44 for me, I just tried to keep a steady pace for all 4 splits.

Noah said...

7:26 at a 140 drag count. My 3rd split was my slowest.

Kurt K said...

7:41 for the 2K Row. My only Goal was to keep my 500M splits below 2 min. I realized this was a little slow when I went back and saw that I did the 10K row in 35:56.

Erin Anderson said...

9:23, I just couldn't hang with Mike & Ed.

Hope to see some other girls start coming in the morning! Everyone is welcome new & experienced! I aim for 5:30ish.

another.iron.major said...

Infiltrated your bubble this afternoon. Great setup, except for the police line around the pullup bars!

7:30 with the damper on 5.
I'll take that as a baseline and look forward to making some progress training with you folks this year.


Ali Thompson said...
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G. Scott said...

7:11. Goal was to pull consistant splits. Felt good in the first half, but that 3d 500 was a struggle