Jul 16, 2012

071712 Tuesday

20 min AMRAP
400m run
Max pull ups

Post rounds and pull up reps to comments.


Justin Mcgovern said...

I just arrived at Leavenworth today and am itching to do some crossfit. What time do you guys usually do your WODs or do we just come when ever we have time.

Ed said...

Justin - welcome.
Short answer yes, but if you'd like to go in a group, there are usually a few different waves between 0540 and 0630, then again at 0730. If you're an afternoon guy, 1600-1730 is most likely to find other folks in the gym.

Justin Mcgovern said...

Sorry just looked at te full web version of the site and saw there is no particular meeting time. I will by tomorrow morning though.

Justin Mcgovern said...

Great thanks Ed. See you tomorrow.

Ed said...

Modified 'Nicole' this morning because I couldn't grip the pullup bar with my jacked up finger. Did ring dips instead and I must say they were harder for me.

7 full rounds.
Ring Dip reps: 15-12-12-10-10-10-10

Good to see new faces coming in to the gym.

Andy M. said...

EMOM for 10: 2 x Press @ 60% (95)

Nicole - 7 rds + 300m, 25-20-15-15-15-15-15 = 120 reps.

Goofed around with parallette bars and handstands at the end.

Jake78 said...

Got 6 rounds my pull up count


Noah said...

7 rounds and 220m into round 8. 85 pullups, started with dead hang and transitioned to kipping after round 2. Best part...didn't tear my hands open.

Nice numbers Andy and Jake.

Mike Anderson said...

6 full rounds and about 50m into rd 7.
18-15-13-10-10-11=77 total pull ups.
Erin's been out of town for a week and I can feel all the crap I've been eating really affecting my workouts. It's a good thing she gets back tonight!

Great pull up #s Jake and Andy.

CortandJas said...

7 rounds + 200m. I could only do 8 pull-ups each set!

Ross said...

7 rounds
PU - 20,10,10,10,10,5,12

Just could not get into a good kipping rhythm.

Jon Ramirez said...

Hey there Leavenworth Crossfitters... I miss the 0500 crew workouts. We do not have a crossfit gym here on Polk. Enjoy.. Jon Ramirez

Greg E said...

Modified a bit -
200 m run and max pullup in 20 minutes. The run distance was a mistake I didn't catch until I got home this afternoon. Good workout though...
10 rounds and 117 pullups.

Doug said...

10-5-5-3-3-1-1-1 DL up to #365.
Then a rowing Nicole:
500m row/max PU. Got 6 rounds and 15-15-10-10-11-10. The row/PU combo was brutal, not sure why I thought it would be a good idea!

Meg Smith said...

Today was my first WOD back to running with my plantar fasciitis, so it was purposely slow going. Did 5 rounds of running with dead hang pull ups (6, 6, 5, 5, 6, 5).

Had the opportunity to attend the CF Games again this year and it was truly inspirational. Got a few IMCF shout outs the day I wore my shirt, so that was fun.