Jul 8, 2012

070912 Monday

5 Rounds for Time:
5 Dead Lift (BW + 50lb)
10 burpees

Post time to comments.


Kyle Beattie said...

No more "without equipment" WOD's?

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

5-5-5-5-5 Deadlift @ 265


7:24 for today's WOD

Scaled DL to BW (165) to focus on power through the lift

Andy M. said...

ME Front Squat - 225
Press 5x5 - 115

WOD (Rx) 4:33
Was tempted to go heavier, but glad I didn't...would have traded some intensity. Finished with some gymnastic work.

Jacob Heppner said...

-Row 1000m
-25x alt. KB C&J (53#)
-24x K2E
time: 7.01

Then, 3.40 for today's WOD, as RX.

Ross said...

280 was RX on DL, decided to go up to 295 today.

DL @295 x5
Burpees x 10

Meg Smith said...

7:28 for DL @BW+5 =140#

It's been quite awhile since I DL heavy in a WOD, and it showed around the end of the 4th round of DL.

Ed said...

Kyle, if you're looking for bodyweight/limited equipment WODs, here is a good resource:


Woke up this morning with a fairly sore back for some reason, DLs weren't happening so I did 'death-by-pullups.' Finished the round of 15 and failed on 16.

rob said...

I did a little above BW +50 for DL and finished at 4:39. Burpees were steady but not as fast as I thought they would be. DL felt good.

Noah said...

5:23. Pulled 225 (BW plus 50) and rested too long between the burpees and starting the DLs.

Mike Anderson said...

I had a harder time than I expected with this one. I really hit a wall about Rd 3.

Rich V. said...

ran for 30 min did crossfit warm up

Doug said...

Worked up to #365 DL single, and then did the WOD in 4:40. Went at #225, a little heavier than BW+50 for me.

Russ Ames said...

CF warmup then WOD as Rx'd, with 215 (BW = 165)

4:34 (slow burpees)

Then, did 4 x rounds modified Friday WOD:

15 x 25' squat-press
10 x 95' Power Clean

14:42 (lots of rest to suffer silently and stretch lower back)

monroe said...

5:13 Everything unbroken, felt pretty good. Again, probably would have picked up the pace if I were competing in a group. Mental prep is an important part of a warm up. When doing oly lifts I approach every rep as if I am on the platform, shooting for a PR. I need to cultivate that same mind set for the WOD if I want to make it to the games next year. How do you create that vibe when working out alone?
Meg, got your email. Congrats on finishing the course! I'll write you more tomorrow.