Jul 5, 2012

060612 Friday

Skill: Power Clean

Buddy workout

Six Rounds:
15 x Wall ball (20/14)
Power clean (115/75)

While one does WB the partner does PC.

Count total PC reps for score.


Ed said...

After 4th of July and $1 beer night at the T-Bones game yesterday this was a bigger challenge than it needed to be.

12:58 and 66 PC reps for me with one big caveat ... while I did 15x WB reps, my partner did 20x WB reps so I had a bit of extra time for the power cleans.

Andy M. said...

I goofed this one all up, sorry Ed. 20 wall balls was just stuck in my head.

PC by round 15/9/11/10/8/7 = 60

Jake78 said...

Scaled it down to 95lbs

Joel and I total time 10:52
Power Clean total was 71


rob said...

My score was 'goofed' up even more than Ed and Andy's. I was the 3rd person on their 'team of two'. I used Andy's (20) wall ball shots as my pacing exercise; I'd do PC until he was done with WBS and then transition to 15 WBS for myself. I ended up with 12:58 and 72 PC. Despite the non-standard scoring technique I got a great workout.

Alex E. said...

Steve and I did this in 9:12 with 99 PC between the two of us for a total time of 8:33.

Mike Anderson said...

Team Anderson finished in 8:58 and had 94 total power cleans as a team.

That was a good workout - I had to stop in rd 3 or 4 and refocus on proper clean form instead of just jerking the weight up.

The code words to prove I'm not a robot are getting harder to decipher - does that mean I'm turning into a robot?

rob said...

Jake - can you send me your email address?

monroe said...

Mike, resistance is futile.