Jul 3, 2012

060412 Wednesday

Happy 4th of July! Celebrate with some fireworks, CrossFit-style.

100 Bottle rocket burpees* for time.

*Jump high enough to ensure at least a 90 degree twist and land. That should help with counting! Less than 90 is a dud. Yelling BANG at the top of the jump is optional.

Gyms on post, to include the Bubble, are closed for the 4th of July.
'Holiday hours' apply on the 5th, so gyms open at 0800 on July 5th.


CrossFit Skopje said...

Happy 4th July to all Iron Major Crossfiters from Zoran Ivanov - CrossFit Skopje (Macedonia)!
God bless you all!

monroe said...

Zoran! Great to hear from you. Hope all is well in Macedonia,send us an update.

Ed said...

Zoran, thanks for the well wishes.

6:44 as Rx'd. The 90 degree jumps were not as bad as I thought. I alternated left and right spins so I wouldn't get dizzy.

monroe said...

8:55. Concentrated on not rounding the back (midline stability) in any portion of the movement. Took some concentration but felt much better and more efficient than previous efforts. Spent a lot of time mobilizing with my new toy, a sixties model Vitamaster massage roller. You used to see these in the YMCA. Highly recommend getting one if you can find it.

luster said...

14:30 as Rx. Temp was 99F in the garage.

Bridget said...

Slow & steady... 13:47
I did 10 one side then switched to prevent pukie factor. I actually enjoyed this WOD once I got started.

Russ Ames said...