Jul 2, 2012

060312 Tuesday

“Track Attack”
4x 200m
2x 400m  
2x 400m
4x 200m
Rest the same time as the interval took to run


rob said...

I'm going to arrive at the track around 0520 if anyone would like to 'slog' through this one together.

Ed said...

I should be there around 0520 as well

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

32:04 after last 200

Great day (cool and rainy) in Bavaria for interval training.

Ed said...

200 - 35s, 37s, 37s, 38s
400 - 1:19, 1:15
800 - 2:57
400 - 1:18, 1:18
200 - 36s, 38s, 37s, 38s

Total just under 29 minutes w/ rest.

rob said...

200 - 38, 38, 40, 40
400 - 1:25, 1:29
800 - 3:32
400 - 1:38, 1:40
200 - 42, 41, 44, 40

I had a good push today from Mike and Erin as we all tried to not let Ed lap us!

Andy M. said...

200 - 32, 34, 36, 37
400 - 1:23, 1:21
800 - 3:10
400 - 1:21, 1:24
200 - 36, 38, 36, 32

Short rest intervals ate my lunch, especially recovering for the 800.

FYSA -- looks like Harney Complex is closed tomorrow, opens 8AM on Thurs.

Mike Anderson said...

I was pretty even with Rob for the workout. Those short intervals started catching up with me. Glad we got it done before it got too hot.

Ross said...

200 - :42,:38,:41, :39
400 - 1:39, 1:35
800 - 3:40
400 - 1:33, 1:37
200 - :33, :41, 37:, :39

Hard a hard time pushing myself this morning...

monroe said...

How many of you had a strategy going into this besides run as hard as you can? I'm getting at the idea of relative intensity. When we attempt 100% every workout we are setting ourselves up for injury. I shoot for about 85% effort in these type workouts. That makes the effort uncomfortable but doable, and I know I'll have something in the tank for tomorrow. I set my sights on a 7 min mile pace for today. A metronome is a great tool to ensure consistency with this kind of strategy. You can really dial in the effort, and reduce your time precisely with the next attempt. Seiko makes a good one. Forgot mine today, so I went by feel. Did this at high noon. That 800 was a real test of stamina.
200 @ 53, 54, 54, 53
400 @ 1:49, 1:47
800 @ 3:42
400 @ 1:45, 1:42
200 @ 49, 47, 47, 46
Have a great 4th!

Bridget said...

Did this modified w/ one of my sisters.
we jogged 1/2 mile for warmup
200m run then walked 200 x 4
400m run walked 200 x 2
repeated 200m sprint & 200 walk x 3
400m run x 1
@ Moroe I pushed about 75% today little gingerly getting back into CF shape, trying to keep some jogging & the PCS/moving is not helping.. eating too much bad stuff, the PCS extra pds are definitely felt

Ed said...

Mark - good thoughts. My target, as with most interval workouts for me, was to remain below a 6 minute mile pace - ideally to be able to sustain that pace/level of effort for something like a 5k

rob said...

Mark - I think there is value in setting a goal e.g. 7-min pace and working towards it. It would help you be more accountable as you know if you have to speed up (or, unlikely, slow down). Implied is having a means to measure yourself (like a metronome).

I usually identify the fastest guy in the group and set my pace on him i.e. run with him as long as I can and whatever gap he establishes after a 'steady state' I strive to maintain or close it throughout the remainder of the workout. It's not scientific and can be inconsistent, but if he's faster than me then I know I'm pushing myself. That won't work when training alone (at noon on a 100+ degree day - WOW!) and a metronome is clearly much better. Thanks for the insight and training tip.

COL B said...

Team mates , here is a ffor what it is worth ref one of my favorite fitness topics. My approach to this tpe of training is a good 800m warm up being a man of a certain age. I base my splits off of a 6:00 mile which is about 85%. I also jog instead of rest between sprints. I find that I get almost the same level of benefit from the sprints at 85ish% as I do at > 85 plus I get good transference into a longer oxidize phase. Sme good material on this topic is at Crossfit Journal Issue 56 April 07 and issue 57 may 07

Andy M. said...

If a WOD has a specific format, like a tempo run or volume repeats at a specified % of race pace, I'll follow it. Otherwise, it seems most short interval training (400m and under) has the greatest benefit performed at or near max intensity. It helps to know what you are capable of...like setting a tabata goal. Training logs are really helpful for determining pace targets.

I struggle with pacing discipline on long intervals (ex/ 3 x 1200m, hold 3-5s splits) though. Always have a goal, but come out of the gate too hard...usually from listening to punk music.

Russ Ames said...
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Russ Ames said...

200 - 32, 35, 35, 37
400 - 1:24, 1:27
800 - 3:13
400 - 1:25, 1:22
200 - 42, 41, 44, 42