Jul 1, 2012

060212 Monday

Box Jumps

AMRAP 15 minutes
10 Box Jumps (24/20)
20 CFS Push Ups
30 Double-Unders

Post number of rounds + extra reps.


rob said...

Mike - I should be there around 0520 to 0530; can I borrow your rope again?

Mike Anderson said...

Rob - No Problem

Bridget said...
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scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Back from block leave! And it showed.

5 rds, 10 box jumps, 18 push-ups

Of note, however, did two sets of 50x DUs (unbroken) as warm up and remained unbroken thru round 3.

Ed said...

8 rounds + 10 box jumps.

The video helped quite a bit on cycle time speed for the box jumps, thanks to Andy for posting that link last week.

rob said...

7rds + 15 PU; I was chasing Ed the whole time and would have had fewer reps without him there. Nice work by Darin A. this morning and I give him great credit for getting out of bed during summer break! It looks like some of the new ILE class are starting to filter in. There were at least 20 people in the gym from when I got there until I left.

Jake78 said...

7 rounds and 10 push ups

Push Ups were slow!!

Joel got 5 rounds


Ross said...

6 rounds, 10 BJ and 15 CFPU

Andy M. said...

Strayed from the flock a bit today, will get back on the train tomorrow. Was intrigued by "Nasty Girls" on main site -- 15:30 as Rx. Slooow on muscle-ups.

BS 2RM - 295
Press 5RM - 125

monroe said...

5 rounds, 10 push ups. I gotta stop working out by myself. Rounds and times change significantly around the time of the games qualifiers, and all I can attribute it to is competition. Still, pretty happy with today. Meeting a lot of new people checking in for ILE. Welcom to Matt from Nellis, Todd, Katie from NTC, and Todd's brother Tyler here to help with the move. Today was Tyler's second CF workout. Glad you got to do it here!

Bridget said...

7 rounds 7 jump boxes. I had a short box-- my moms garden blocks were my makeshift box today. I started w/ regular pushups and would go to my knees after about 5. I did 90 singles per round for the double unders.getting better daily. We en did 4 mile jog around the lake & 1 mile walk.

G. Scott said...

4 Rounds plus 10 box jumps. DU remain tough - round three I was tripping doing singles. However, I rallied in round four and strung together 20 (PR).

Kyle Beattie said...

6 rounds plus 10 pushups. Great workout. Finished with a 400 meter run